STAT Talks


Creating a Mobile Toolkit for Care Providers
Leilani St. Anna, Sarah Safranek, Amy Harper, Ann (Whitney) Gleason, Michael Dunlap ~~ University of Washington

This talk describes a collaborative project between librarians and technical staff to create a mobile phone interface to library resources for care providers.


Let's Review: What Are the 10 Steps to Service Continuity
Gail Kouame ~~ NN/LM PNR

This talk will review the ten steps an organization should take to maintain service continuity following a disaster.


It Ain't Us! The Medical Librarian - Physician Assistant Partnership in Decreasing Clinician Bias and Stereotyping, and Improving Patient Care
Jim Anderson ~~ Harborview Medical Center

Evidence continues to highlight the negative impact on patient care of clinician bias and stereotyping. Many online resources offer clinicians, librarians, patients, and students tools for assessing and addressing bias and stereotyping. Physician Assistants and Medical Librarians are ideal partners to increase awareness of this problem among clinicians and librarians. This stat talk will look at salient data about bias, focus on some of the online resources designed to reduce the impact of clinician bias and stereotyping, and promote the addressing of health inequities by promoting PA-librarian teams.


So you want to use Google: Search comparison between Google and traditional databases
Dolores Judkins ~~ Oregon Health & Science University

A comparison of searching on a variety of topics in PubMed, CINAHL, Google, and Google Scholar. This project was undertaken to help a faculty member show his students why they should be using PubMed rather than Google to find the information they need.


Librarians Who Infiltrate: Getting to know an organization from within is one of the best ways to collaborate
Pat Devine ~~ NN/LM Pacific NW Region

I joined the American Academy of Physician Assistants as an affiliate member; attended their conferences, CME sessions, presentations and board meetings; socialized with them and connected with them using social media. Learning about PAs in this way, on the state and national level, enables me to teach them about library services and medical librarians in new ways. Hear the highlights at this Stat talk.


Knowledge Sharing and Working with the OHSU Research Council to present at Nursing Grand Rounds
Loree Hyde ~~ Oregon Health & Science University

This talk describes my experience attending the NLM PNW Region workshop "Knowledge Sharing in Hospitals: The Librarian's Role" with a nurse from the OHSU Research Council and the planning process we went through to plan and market presentations at OHSU Nursing Grand Rounds.


Hope Leman  ~~ Samaritan Health Services

Samaritan Health Services launched the free online service ResearchRaven http://www.researchraven.com/ in April 2010. It is a search platform that enables those in the health sciences to find calls for papers for periodicals and calls for presentations and papers at professional meetings and details of such meetings. This talk would be a quick introduction to what ResearchRaven is, how we created it, what it takes to populate it, why other libraries should add it to their list of electronic resources and why they should consider creating similar services.


The Value of AHIP
Joan Wilson  ~~ Kootenai Health

A very brief overview of the significance of the Academy of Health Information Professionals to MLA and to AHIP members.


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