Purchasing Group Committee Meeting - May 4, 2003

Present:    Peggy Baldwin, Chair; Anne Girling, Recording Secretary; Heidi Sue Adams, Susan Barnes, Vicki Croft, Dolores Judkins, Susan Long, Pamela Murray, Kathy Murray, Patrice O’Donovan, Nanette Welton

Start Time: 7:40 AM

History - Pamela Murray, Susan Barnes

Reviewed events leading up to PNC’s decision to investigate the need for, and possibility of, establishing a PNC Purchasing Group to negotiate contracts with vendors for group access to desired resources.

WMLA agreement with OVID for access to LWW journals was based on an assessment of participants needs and desires. Cost to each participating library was based on a formula used by the Washington State Library.

Administration of the contract was very time consuming.

Group Purchasing Committee

Group Purchasing Committee Members



Eligibility for inclusion in the Group Purchases

End Time: 8:40 AM

Respectfully submitted by: Anne Girling, Recording Secretary

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