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Institute for Applied Ecology

Institute for Applied Ecology

Thomas N. Kaye, PhD
Executive Director and Senior Ecologist
Institute for Applied Ecology
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Key Research, Technical Assistance, and Education Strengths

IAE was founded in 1999 in Corvallis, Oregon, and our Southwest office was established in May 2015 in
Santa Fe, New Mexico. IAE has a diverse and active staff with expertise in habitat management,
research and experimental design, restoration, education, and planning. Our internship program, in
partnership with the Native Plant Societies of Oregon and New Mexico, has expanded to include over
five participants a year, with a total alumni in excess of fifty. Our work has been recognized through The
Wildlife Society Oregon Chapter Conservation Award (2013), Federal Highways Administration
Exemplary Ecosystem Initiative Award (2012), Oregon Recreation and Parks Association Natural
Resource Section Environmental Organization Award (2007), and the West Eugene Wetlands Award

The mission of the Institute for Applied Ecology is to conserve native species and habitats through
restoration, research and education. Our vision is a world where all people and wildlands are healthy
and interact positively, biological diversity flourishes, and environmental challenges are met with a social
commitment to solving problems with scientific principles. We provide a service to public and private
agencies and individuals by developing and communicating information on ecosystems, species, and
effective management strategies. We conduct restoration of habitats, and we conduct this work through
partnerships with a diverse group of agencies, organizations and the private sector.