Razor clam dig at Copalis, WA March 6, 2005. Photo courtesy of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.



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Human Health Impacts and the Gulf Oil Spill
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Coastal Zone '09 Conference
"Revolutionary Times: Catching the Wave of Change"
Boston, MA, July 19 - 23, 2009.

7/6/07 The Seattle Times
For Retired Military Ships ... One Last Battle

7/6/07 The Seattle Times
Shellfish Settlement Ends Years of Rancor

7/3/07 The New York Times
A Slippery, Writhing Trade Dispute

5/9/07 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Chico Bay shellfish safe to eat for first time in 60 years

5/2007 American Fisheries Society
Fisheries Vol. 32, No. 5

5/2007 Environmental Health Perspectives
Where Space and Ocean Meet

4/27/07 ABC News
Algae killing birds, sealife in Calif.

11/9/06 WA Department of Fish & Wildlife News Release
Underwater video of Hood Canal fish conditions available

11/2/06 UWeek Article
UW students on the case (and on the ship) researching problems in Puget Sound

10/30/06 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Article
'Natural' salmon farm on Bainbridge lands Whole Foods deal

10/27/06 Seattle Times Article
State issues warning on eating Sound salmon

10/9/06 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Special Report
The Sound of Broken Promises

10/2/06 Seattle Times Article
Scientists at sea: hard work, rough seas — and a bit of fun

9/18/06 Seattle Times Article
Western states join in effort to improve Pacific Ocean health

7/31/06 LA Times Article
Altered Oceans: A five-part series on the crisis in the seas

6/24/06 MSNBC.com Article
Possibly drunk pelican hits windshield

5/24/06 King County Journal Article
A 'cocktail of chemicals' in your blood?

5/1/06 University of Southern California
So. California Harmful Algal Bloom Updates

3/15/06 Ocean Policy Update Newsletter
Issue 5 now available

3/5/06 Santa Cruz (CA) Sentinel Article
"Domoic acid study underway in Monterey Bay"

2/26/06 Seattle Times Article
"Razor-clam lovers flock to beaches"

2/16/2006 Seattle Times Article
"Toxins found in fish for sale"

2/2006 Environmental Health Perspectives
"Environews: Marine Toxin Hinders Cognitive Development"

10/18/2005 News Release from the Washington State Department of Health
"Penn Cove, Saratoga Passage and Holmes Harbor closed to shellfish harvest"

9/25/2005 Seattle Times Article
"Seafaring scientists seek clues to toxin"

4/21/2005 UWTV
"Sea of Microbes" with Virginia Armbrust


Seafood Watch: Make Choices for Healthy Oceans

Centers for Oceans & Human Health (COHH)

Pacific Research Center for Marine Biomedicine - University of Hawaii

Woods Hole Center for Oceans & Human Health

Oceans and Human Health Center - University of Miami

Ocean Studies Board - National Academy of Sciences