Undergraduate Capstone Partners 

What is a Capstone Project?

The Capstone project is an opportunity for undergraduate students to take their education into the world beyond the classroom. Students hone their skills and knowledge, and partner organizations get enthusiastic and talented interns. While doing hands-on work, students engage in scholarly study to answer researchable questions pertaining to the project. 

Capstone Project Details

  1. Individual students or student teams work with a Faculty Advisor on campus and Site Supervisor from a partner organization
  2. Hands-on work occurs over approximately 3 months (at least 150 hours of service) during the Capstone internship 

Partner Organization Responsibility

A Site Supervisor at the partner organization helps define the responsibilities of the student(s), monitors progress toward goals, reviews drafts, and provides direction and assistance. In addition, the site supervisor:

  1. Creates, reviews, and approves a work plan and list of final deliverables with the student(s)
  2. Meets regularly (at least every other week) with the student(s) during the internship
  3. Completes an evaluation form of student performance to assist in assigning grades  
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Are you ready to host a Capstone student?

To get started, please contact the Capstone Instructor, Sean McDonald (206.616.2186), for more information about designing a Capstone project. If you have opportunities within your organization that would work for our Capstone students, you can submit your ideas online.

Recent Capstone Partners and Student Projects

  1. Partner: Washington Sea Grant. Student project: "Video Observation of the Elliot Bay Seawall Habitat Enhancement Project"
  2. Partner: Ballard Bee Company. Student project: "Shifting the Impact of Food Production through Urban Agriculture and Beekeeping"
  3. Partner: United States Forest Service. Student project: "Changing Fire Regimes: Implications of Climate Change and Necessary Adaptations of Fire Management"
  4. Partner: University of Washington Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Office. Student project: "Green Office Certification Program at the University of Washington"