Academic Planning

Your Academic Plan

An academic plan is a schedule of the courses you plan to take for your major mapped out on a quarterly basis. The plan is based off your communication with a PoE adviser regarding your interests, courses availability, and the general recommendations outlined in the ‘Degree Requirement Map’. All Environmental Studies majors must create and update their academic plan with a PoE Academic Adviser as stated in the continuation policy.

An academic plan includes:

Updating your Academic Plan

Sample Academic Plan: Jane Doe

Beginning of Freshman Year
Jane is a student starting out her freshman year with a general interest in studying the environment. She signs up for a ‘Freshman Interest Group’ that includes the ENVIR 100 core class. She decides to declare a major in Environmental Studies, and meets with a PoE adviser before winter quarter registration to create her academic plan.

Sophomore Year / Junior Year
By the end of her second year, Jane’s academic plan has been filled in with the specific courses she has taken so far. At this point, her plan includes more specific recommendations for her remaining two years.

End of Senior Year
Jane’s final check-in with a PoE adviser is just before registering for her final quarter as an undergraduate at the UW. Her academic plan has been completely filled in with course details. The final step is for her to confirm that the remaining course she plans to take in spring quarter 2014 will complete her degree and submit a graduation application.