Perspectives and Experiences

For students declared before Autumn 2010

After completing most of the Foundation Courses and Core Courses, Environmental Studies majors complete a minimum of 30 credits from the list of approved courses to complete the Perspectives and Experiences degree requirement. The list below provides the courses accepted for filling the Tools and Technologies requirement that was elimated after Autumn 2010.

If you have a question about an environmentally-related 300 or 400 level course not on this list, please contact an adviser regarding a course substitution petition.

Tools and Technologies

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Course Prefix Course Title
BIOL 492 Teaching of Biology
CEP 470 Tools for Sustainable Cities
ENVIR 250 Environmental Studies: Data Types and Collection Methods
ENVIR/OCEAN 260 (B) The Puget Sound Ecosystem (to meet Tools and Technology or Field requirement, students must enroll in 5 credit lab)
ENVIR/CHEM E 341 Energy and the Environment
ESRM 250  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems in Forest Resources  
ESRM 304  Environmental and Resource Assessment  
ESRM 415 Biology, Ecology, and Management of Plant Invasions
ESRM 430  Aerial Photos/Remote Sensing Natural Resources 
ESRM 479 Restoration Design
ESRM 490 (F) * Ecology of The Sierra Nevada
ESS 421  Introduction to Geological Remote Sensing  
FISH 210   Methods in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences: Theory and Applications  
FISH 452 / OCEAN 453  Spatial Information Technologies in Ecosystem Sciences  
GEOG 360  Principles of GIS Mapping  
GEOG 471  Methods of Resource Analysis 
L ARCH 300  Introductory Landscape Architecture Design Studio  
L ARCH 303  Natural Processes Studio 
L ARCH 363 Ecological Design and Planning
CEE 250 Environmental Pollution: Energy and Materials Balance
ME / CHEM E / ENVIR 442  Renewable Energy  
SMA / FISH 512   Interviewing Methods and Environmental Topics
Q SCI 291  Analysis for Biologists I