Capstone: Past Projects


Project Title Cooperating Organization Student Keywords

Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Pacific Geoduck Clam

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Daniel Bascom

Ocean Acidification, Marine Biology, Aquaculture, Research

Oysters on Acid: Exploring the Damaging Impacts of Ocean Acidification on the Pacific Oyster

Washington Sea Grant

Danny Brendike

Carbon Dioxide, Emissions, Oyster, Ocean Acidification, C. gigas, Puget Sound, Aquaculture, Washington, Ecosystem, marine

Green Office Certification Program
at the University of Washington

University of Washington Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Office

Evan Brooks and Rebecca Teel

Office Sustainability, Sustainable Campus, Sustainable Practices, Green Office Certification Program

Environmental Nonprofits and Social Media: A Winning Combination

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Office

David Corrado

Twitter, Facebook, Social, Media, Communication, Stewardship, Youth, Guide, Non-Profit

Increasing Participation in both Green Venues and WasteWise Programs

Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

Michael Deer

Environmental, Sustainability, Efficiency, Waste, Recycling, EPA

Inspection Prioritization Within the Emergency-Planning-and-Community-Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Toxic Release Program

Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

Donald A. Dill

Toxic Release Inventory, Investigation, Pollution, Industrial, Information, Decision-Making, Chemicals, Environment, Health, Risk, Government, Policy, Regulation

The Puget Sound Violates Combined Sewer Overflow Occurence Regulations: How Collaboration between Stakeholders Offers Solutions for the Puget Sound

People For Puget Sound

Emily Fales

Sustainable Development, Stakeholders, Watershed Management, Collaboration

Addressing the Recreational Human-Use Data Gap: A First Step in Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning in Washington State

The Nature Conservancy, Washington

Ryan Foss

Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning, CMSP, Recreation, Policy, Data, Regulation

Increasing Citizen Engagement in a Non-Profit by Leading Stormwater Walking Tours in Redmond and Burien

People For Puget Sound

Maddie Foutch

Stormwater, Non-Profit, Community-Outreach, Engagement, Community-Building

Factors Associated with Tree Mortality in an Old-Growth White-Fir and Sugar Pine Dominated Yosemite Forest

Smithsonian Center for Tropical Forest Science

Kimberly Grant

California, Yosemite, Old-Growth Forest, Tree Mortality, Natural Science

Investigating Subalpine Fir Mortality Patterns Associated with Drought, Climate Change and Invasive Insect Attack in the Olympic National Park (ONP) Using Dendrochronology

School of Forest Resources, University of Washington

Sienna Hiebert

Forest Mortality Dynamics, Subalpine Fir, Olympic National Park, Balsam Wooly Adelgid, Invasive Insects, Exotic Insects, Dendrochronology, Climate Change, Drought

Reinvention of Zoos and Aquariums: Changing Social Behaviors One Visitor at a Time

College of the Environment, School of Forest Resources, University of Washington

Elizabeth Hines

Zoos, Aquariums, Social Change, Education, Seattle Aquarium

Changing Fire Regimes: Implications of Climate Change and Necessary Adaptations of Fire Management

United States Forest Service

Julius Jacobsen

Climate Change, Wildfire, Prescribed Fire, Forest Management, Fire Suppression, Forest Fuels

Multilevel Governance Through Collaborative Partnerships: The Key to Comprehensive Restoration in the Puget Sound

Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

Jessica Jetter

Collaborative Partnerships, Environmental Policy, Estuaries, Restoration, Multi-Level Governance, Puget Sound Partnership

Identifying and Analyzing Tree Mortality Patterns in Subalpine Fir Tree Species on the Olympic Peninsula

School of Forest Resources, University of Washington

Wade Jones

Olympic National Forest, Dendrochronology, Tree Mortality, Subalpine Fir, Forest, Resources, Natural Science, Drought, Balsam Wooly Adelgid

A Look at the Economic Crisis and Willingness to Pay for Organic Food in Greece and Spain

UW Greece and Spain Study Abroad Program

Jessica Kang

Sustainability, Organic Food, Greece, Spain, Food Systems, Education, Economy, Willingness to Pay, Surveys, Interviews

The Ideal Farmland Protection Program and the State of Farmland Preservation on the Puget Sound Basin

American Farmland Trust

Anshika Kumar

Farmland, Farmland Protection, Farmland Loss, Farmland Preservation, Puget Sound, Agriculture, Food Systems, Local Food

The Holistic Implications of Gardening: Preservatio and Continuity of Immigrant Identity

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Community Gardening Program

Katie Kurfurst

Food Deserts, Food Justice, Gardening, Immigrants, Identity, P-Patch, Traditional Knowledge

Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) and Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) Interactions in Co-Existence

Washington Sea Grant

Tom Lee

Invasive Species, Crayfish, Washington Sea Grant, Public Outreach, Environmental Education, Natural Science, Biological Integrity, Ecosystem

The Significant Role of Homeowners in Stormwater Management through Implementationof Low Impact Development

Washington Sea Grant

Pouya Mardmehdiabadi

Low Impact Development (LID), Homeowners, Edcuation, Factsheets, Survey, Stormwater, Runoff, Environment, Water Pollution

Working With US EPA Region 10 to Monitor Compliance for Asbestos Regulation

Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

Jeremy McManus

Environment, EPA, Compliance Monitoring, Environmental Regulations, Targeting Strategy, TSCA, Asbestos

Sustainable Food and Health Care: Incorporating Healthy Sustainable Food in Health Care Facilities Can Improve Environmental and Human Health

University of Washington

Nhi Nguyen

Food, Hospitals, Health Care, FoodMed, Sustainable Food System

The Synergistic Relationship Between Pesticide Mixtures and Elevated Water Temperature on Juvenile Coho Salmon

Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Christopher Andrew Olegario

Pesticides, Temperature, Coho Salmon, Aquatic Carboxylesterase Enzyme, Juvenile, Salmon, Natural Science, Toxicology

Developing Climate Change Curriculum for Washington State High School Students: A Case for Developing Standards

Climate Change Collaboration

Adam Read

Environmental Education, Curriculum, Climate Change Education

Risk Management Program Data Quality Analysis to Help Improve the Functionality of Databases

Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

Marina Rozmarina

Risk Management, Chemical Industry, Accident Prevention and Protection, Policy, Risk

The Abundance and Distribution of the Chinese Mystery Snail: A Case Study on Pine Lake

Washington Sea Grant, University of Washington

Jeff Thornton

Invasive Species, Gastropod, Outreach, Chinese Mystery Snail, Bellamya Chinensis, Pine Lake, Natural Science

Walking the Talk: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Environmental Management System in the US Envionmental Protection Agency Region 10

Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

Wei Chen, Wang

Environmental Management System, EMS, Policy, Triple Bottom Line, Sustainability, EPA, Region 10, Awareness, Organizations

Researching and Developing Pacific Northwest Based Climate Change Curriculum

Climate Change Collaboration

Emily Wegeleben

Environmental Education, Climate Change, High School Students

Using Community Based Social Marketing to Discourage Waterfront Landowners from Removing Tidal Plants from the Shoreline

Washington Sea Grant

Rachel Wolk

Tidal Plants, Community Based Social Marketing, Sustainable, Behavior, Puget Sound, Education, Outreach

The Community Fruit Tree Harvest: A Link between Urban Agriculture and Urban Poverty

The Community Fruit Tree Harvest

Melissa Younkins

Urban Agriculture, Community Fruit Tree Harvest, Poverty, Malnutrition, Food Systems



Project Title Cooperating Organization Student Keywords

How Energy Efficient Technology
Reduces the Need for Natural
Resources and Saves Money

Port of Seattle

Andrew Acker

Energy Efficient, Lighting, Upgrades, Energy Efficient Technology, Watts, Environmental Policy, Energy Efficient Implementation

Seattle 2030 District; Focusing
on Energy, Water, and Carbon
Reduction in Seattle's Downtown
Business District

Department of
Economic Development

Amanda Alva

Energy Reduction, Urban Development, Cooperative Action Groups, Environmental Policy

Wildlife Conservation in a
Changing World: Case Studies
of Pacific Northwest Species

Conservation Northwest

Cara Appel

Wildlife Conservation, Habitat Fragmentation, Connectivity, Wildlife Corridors, Climate Change, Outreach.

A Case Study for Advocates in
How and Why to Motivate

People for Puget Sound

Frank Zhang and Dallas Artz

Lobby Day, Citizen Advocacy, Environmental Priorities, Environmental Politics, Political Process

Top Three Methods for Gaining
a Competitive Advantage through
Green Business Practices

Town and Country Markets

Paul Chavez

Business Sustainability, Environmental Consulting, Competitive Advantages, Win –Win, Environmental Stewardship

Urban Agriculture and Economic
Stimulus: Deciphering the Current
Landscape of Urban Agriculture
Community through an Online Survey

Seattle City Council, Office of
President Richard Conlin

Elisa Christiani

Economic Stimulus, Urban Agriculture, Food Justice, Business, Policy, City of Seattle

The Effect of Policy on
the Economic Feasibility of
Combined Heat and Power in
Washington State

Cascade Power Group

Duncan Clauson

Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Combined Heat and Power, Wastewater, Policy, Washington

Sustainable Watershed
Management in Auroville, India

Buddha Garden Community

Heather Clopton

Sustainable, Agriculture, Organic, Water, Watershed Management, Land Management, Auroville, India

Independent Research to Create
an Online Consumption Clearinghouse
of Information for the
Environmental Protection Agency

US EPA Region 10

Marie Curatolo

Consumption, Sustainable Consumption, Environmental Protection Agency, Behavior, Law, Policy, Government, Institutions, Independent Research, Analysis.

Effects of land use on stream
ecology in Snohomish County

Snohomish County, Surface
Water Management

Kathryn Davis

Urbanization, Urban, Stream Ecology, Development, Biological Integrity, Ecosystem

Invasive Plant Restoration and
Environmental Education Awareness
in Lincoln Park

Friends of Lincoln Park

Mary Durham

Environmental Education, Urban Forests, Invasive Plants, Restoration

Increasing Distributed Energy
Generation by Modifying
State Net Metering Policy

Cascade Power Group

Rachel Dussell

Energy Storage, Fossil Fuels, Policy, Regulation,  Renewables

Public Ecological Artwork
and Art Classes Fused with
Environmental Education
Becomes a Vehicle that Creates
an Emotional Attachment
Between Students and the Earth

Auroville Botanical Gardens

Jennifer Dwyer

Environment, Education, Ecological Art, Interdisciplinary Methods, Emotional Connection, Terra Cotta Vessels

A Case Study Analysis of
the Fundamental Components
to Successful Recycling and
Composting Programs Across
the Commercial Sector

US EPA Region 10

Casey Funke

Recycling, Composting, Economics, Business, WasteWise, Outreach, Environmental Protection Agency, Cost-Benefit Analysis

Shifting the Impact of Food
Production through Urban
Agriculture and Beekeeping

Ballard Bee Company

Katherine Game

Beekeeping, Environmental Education, Urban Agriculture, Stewardship

Landfill Fire Control at the
Colville Reservation,
WA – Environmental Regulation
Across Tribal Borders

US EPA Region 10

Veronika Novak Gannon

Landfill Fires, Environmental Protection Agency, Native Tribes, Environmental Regulation

Concentrated Animal Feeding
Operations: Impacts on Human
and Environmental Health

US EPA Region 10

Melanie Gillette

CAFO, Environmental Health, Human Health, Native American, Community Meetings

Taking Learning from the COASST
to the Classroom

Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team

Danica Hill

Citizen Science, Environmental Education, COASST, Curriculum Development

Using Education to Prevent
the Spread of Invasive Crayfish

Washington Sea Grant

Jason Hill

Invasive Species, Crayfish, Pacific Northwest, West Coast, Environmental Education, Washington Sea Grant

Puget Sound Pollution and the Role
of Non-Governmental Organizations

Pudget Soundkeeper Alliance

Sung Ho

Jordan, Water Quality, Amman, Middle East, Scarcity, Israel, Baqa’a

The Perception of Water
Quality and Scarcity in Jordan

The Arava Institute for
Environmental Studies

Brian Hoefgen

Jordan, Water Quality, Amman, Middle East, Scarcity, Israel, Baqa’a

How the City of Seattle Can 'Go Green'
From a Policy Perspective

City of Seattle

Morgan Hoenig

Triple Bottom Line, Decision-Making Process, Local Governments, Sustainability

Identifying Potential Rain
Garden Locations in
Kitsap County, Washington

Washington Sea Grant

Sarah Hudgins

Rain Garden, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), LiDAR, Low Impact Development (LID), Best Management Practices (BMP), Analysis, Stormwater Runoff, Urban, Management

Financial Benefits of Low-Cost
Restoration Methods

Stewardship Partners

Aaron Hunter

Restoration, Native species,
Low-Cost Methods, Live Stakes, Volunteers, Plant Diversity

The Threat of Freshwater Shortages
Has Become More Evident Within
Recent Years Due to Climate
Change, Increasing Population,
and Inefficient Water Networks

The Ecology Foundation

Meaghan Kapinos

Climate Change, Population Growth, Overconsumption, Water Accessibility, Dublin, Conservation, Resource Planning

Using Environmental Databases
and Studies to Find Risk Factors for
Lead Hot Spots and Create a Standard
Operating Procedure to be Used

US EPA Region 10

MacKenzie Kieft

Lead Hotspot, Environmental Database, Environmental Health, EPA

Ecotourism in China:
Jiuzhai Valley National
Park Case Study

Jiuzhai Valley National Park

Kiana Kobayashi

Sichuan, China, Jiuzhai Valley National Park, Zharu Valley, Ecotourism, Sustainable Development, Environmental Education

Ecosystem Restoration: Creating Dynamic and Effective Goals for the Future

Stewardship Partners

Melanie Kristjanson

Ecosystem Restoration, Goals, Dynamism, Riparian, Buffer, Constraints

Living in Systems: Participatory
Decision-Making and Fulfilling
Community Needs

Auroville Community, India

Andrea Marcos

Auroville, Waste Management, Waste Management Iintegration, Stories, Participatory, Decision-Making, Systems, Needs

Examining Industrial Sites
and Toxins in the
Columbia River Watershed

US EPA Region 10

Siera Miller

Industrial Sites, Columbia River, Toxic Contaminants, Pathways, Environmental Policy

Designing and Evaluating
Public Environmental
Education Programs

Friday Harbor Labs

Lauren Pedersen

Environmental Education, Public Outreach, Puget Sound

Solarize Seattle: Implementing a
Neighborhood-Based Bulk Purchase
Model to Mainstream Solar Energy
in the Rainy City

Northwest Sustainable Energy
for Economic Development

Alexandra Sawyer

Environmental Education, Public Outreach, Puget Sound

Shifting towards Sustainable
Consumption through Effective
Strategies for Materials Management

US EPA Region 10

William J. Sharick

Consumption, Sustainable Consumption, Climate Change, Materials Management, Business, Economy, Communication

The Culture of Consumerism:
Eco-Labels andSustainable Choices

US EPA Region 10

Taylor Sproed

Sustainable Consumption, Culture, Values, Eco-Label, Population Growth, Ecological Footprint, Materials Management, Waste

Using Technology in Environmental
Educationfor Guided Park Nature Tours

City of Bellevue, Parks
and Community Services

Sara Stevens

Environmental Education, Environmental Interpretation, Stewardship, Technology

Restoration of a Riparian Buffer
Along the Snoqualmie River
in an Agricultural Zone

Stewardship Partners

Kayla Swerin

Watershed Restoration, Wetland, Riparian, Corridor, Restoration, Buffer, Viability, Ecology, Economy

Goods Movement Mapping
for Environmental Justice:
Examining Freight Impacts

US EPA Region 10

Kara Tebeau

Goods Movement, Freight, Diesel, Environmental Justice, GIS, Environmental Protection Agency

Building a Greener Future: How
Improvements to Windows and
Lighting Can Be Put to Use

Port of Seattle, Facilities and

Thomas van Wageningen

Airport, Building, Energy-Efficiency, Lighting, Windows

Invasive Plant Restoration and
Environmental Education
Awareness in Lincoln Park.

Friends of Lincoln Park

Christina Welton

Invasive plants, Lincoln Park, Restoration, Environmental Education



Project Title Cooperating Organization Student Keywords

Learning to Love Nature: A look at Nature, Media & the Mind



Environmental Education, IslandWood, Media, Outdoor Education

Restoring Puget Sound Through Community Outreach and Civic Engagement

People For Puget Sound

Sarah Barkley

Community Environmental Education, Puget Sound

A Change of Heart for the Nisqually River Delta


Deena Belcher


Global Trade's Local Impact: Environmental Justice & Goods Movement

US EPA Region 10

Shanese Bien

Trade, Goods Movement, Environmental Justice, Air Toxics

Enhancing State Energy Policy Through Legislator Education

Pacific Northwest Economic Region


Energy Policy, Education, Government, Legislators, Pacific Northwest Economic Region 

Video Observation of the Elliot Bay Seawall Habitat Enhancement Project

Washington Sea Grant


Seawall, Nearshore, Salmon, Seattle, Restoration, Habitat 

Foundations for the Future: Bamboo and NGOs

Pacific Bamboo Resources


NGOs, Bamboo, Developing Countries, Sustainable Development

Connecting Environmental Education with Larger Science Education Themes

Seattle Aquarium

Carrie Howell


Mandated Biofuel Production in the United States: Reasons for Caution

US EPA Region 10

Sean Kennedy

Webinar, Biofuels, Sustainability, Biofuel Supply Chain, Biodiesel

Seattle's Slow Food Movement from the Perspective of a Small Farm

Sea Breeze Farm

Max Lang

Sustainable Farming, Urban Farmers Markets, Small Establishment Farm, Intensive Farming production, Slow Food, Local Food, Food Movement

Genetic Records of Climate Change

UW Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences



Learning to Love Nature: A look at Nature, Media & the Mind

Green Seattle Partnership

Gina Mariano

Stewardship, Parks, Education, Online, Experiential

The Future of Biofuels - Getting from here to There

US EPA Region 10

Ryan Ostrom

Biofuel, Technology, Supply Chain, Renewable Fuel Standard, Barrier to Production

"Getting Dirty:" Educating Children in the Garden

Seattle Tilth

Kelsey Racicot

Children’s Gardening, Environmental Education, Experiential Learning, Responsible Environmental Behavior (REB)

Tribal Journey: Monitoring Salish Sea Water Quality by Canoe


Brady Voves

Salish Sea, Water Quality

Improving Nutrient Management Plans in the Pacific Northwest

US EPA Region 10

Lauren Walker

EPA, Nutrient Management Plan, Agriculture, Regulations, Water Quality 

Snake River Dams and River Users: The Research Process

Columbia River Project

Jesse Wanskasmith


Introducing Urban College Students to Outdoor Education

University of Washington

Rhea Whitney

Environmental Education, Urban, Outdoors, College Students