Undergraduate Program Policies

The Program on the Environment has set several policies for the undergraduate program to ensure high standards for conduct, courses, and participation in the major. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact Undergraduate Program Coordinator Ana Wieman.

  • Student Expectations and Responsibilities: Standards for curriculum, access and communication, academic honesty and student conduct.
  • College of the Environment Academic Misconduct Policy: Environmental studies majors accused of academic misconduct in any course will have their case reviewed according to this process.
  • Grade Appeal Process: If you wish to dispute the grade you earned for a course offered by Environmental Studies, you can follow this process to appeal the grade.
  • Continuation Policy: While the University has regulations governing scholastic eligibility for continuance, the Program on the Environment (PoE) has set additional requirements of planning and grades for all students in the Environmental Studies (ENVIR) major.
  • Credit Overlap Policy: Departmental restrictions and requirements for students pursuing a major in addition to Environmental Studies.
  • Program on the Environment Grading Rubric: To maintain consistent grading policies across all of our courses, PoE has a standardized grading policy allowing any student to calculate his/her approximate grade at any point in the course.