Students working towards the interdisciplinary award in Political Communication must satisfy the PhD requirements of their home department. Students should consult department advisors and faculty mentors to discuss how this plan of coursework will fit with home program requirements.

To earn the award, a student must complete 25 credits from the following four areas. These courses should preferably be completed in this order.

A. Core Course (5 credits)

All students are required to take COM 551 / POLS 551 Political Communication as an introduction to the field. This course is generally offered every two years.

B. Additional Courses (10 credits)

Students will choose two additional courses in the domain of political communication. Both of these courses should be from outside the students' home department. Joint listed courses may be counted either way. Course offerings change from year to year, so consult with faculty mentors about planned offerings.

C. Methodology

Students must complete one post-Masters methodology course in addition to home department program requirements. Students should consult with program advisor to determine which methodology class should be taken. Students may choose from a wide range of qualitative, comparative and quantitative courses. Ideally, the methods class would be one that advanced a student's skills with a particular analytical tool that will be used in a doctoral project.

D. Supervised Research

Students recruit a faculty supervisor and develop a research program. This may be arranged as an independent study in which students work independently on the research program with the chosen faculty advisor. Alternately, this may be developed as part of a research-oriented graduate course conducted by the faculty supervisor. The faculty supervisor will notify the program director of satisfactory completion of the research project. Students are encouraged to use these projects as models for dissertation research and/or to submit them for conference presentation and publication.