Two UW students in classroomWelcome to the alumni and friends of the Department of Political Science. We have a huge extended community including over 8000 graduates of our department who currently live in Washington State. We want to keep you up-to-date on what is happening in the department and know what you are doing.The Department of Political Science continues to excel in all areas; scholarly and research grant production is up and we have several new faculty. For information on faculty research, please click here. For information on the recognitions bestowed upon UW Political science faculty,
please click here. Old photo of students meeting governor

We continue to innovate in both undergraduate and graduate education. The department is bringing technology to the classroom to enhance the learning experience of our undergraduates, involving our undergraduates in research with our faculty, and connecting our students to the community via service learning and internships. Our graduate program continues to evolve and we continue to improve in placing our graduate students in excellent academic, government and private sector jobs. We are accomplishing great things. But the innovation and the excellence we strive for depends on the continued generous support from our alumni and friends.