Aseem Prakash Awarded the Walker Family Professorship for the College of Arts and Science

Professor Aseem Prakash has been named the Walker Family Professor for the College of Arts and Sciences.  Dr. Prakash took his Ph.D. at Indiana University in 1997, came to the University of Washington in 2002, and was promoted to the rank of Professor in 2007.  He has written extensively on voluntary environmental regulations of the business sector and is examining the voluntary regulation of the non-profit sector; he studies NGO politics by employing a collective action approach. Prakash also conducts research on how trade and foreign direct investment flows affect pollution levels, social welfare policies, human rights, labor rights, and women's rights.  He is the author, co-author, or co-editor of eight books and author or co-author of over forty journal articles and many book chapters and other writings.  This outstanding research record has established him as an expert who is highly regarded nationally and internationally.  The Professorship is new on campus and was funded by the Walker family to recognize important scholarship on environmental issues.  The initial five-year term of the professorship begins September 16, 2010.