You may earn academic credit for your internship through POL S 496.  Pol S 496 credits do not count towards the major or minor.  Only 15 credits of Pol S 496 may count as general electives towards your UW degree.

Pol S 496 credits require supervision by a member of the Political Science faculty.  It is your responsibility to find a member of the faculty to supervise.  See a Pol S adviser if you need help.

Download and print an application here:  InternshipApp.  Please follow the directions carefully and submit the completed form to 215 Smith Hall by the first week of the quarter to avoid late add fees. Forms must be complete and must be legibly written.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

In order to earn academic credit for your internship you will need to tie your internship experience back to what you have learned in your Political Science courses.  Work with your faculty supervisor to decide the writing assignments you will complete, when they will be due, and if there are other requirements such as additional meetings or readings.  The writing assignments and satisfactory performance in your internship will be the basis of your Pol S 496 grade. 

At the end of the quarter, you will fill out a brief survey sent to you by email.  Your internship site supervisor will also fill out an evaluation of the work you have done at the internship site.

Contact an adviser in 215 Smith with any questions.
Email: polsadvc@uw.edu
Phone:  (206) 543-1824

For more internships, see the Pol S Advising blog at: http://www.uwpolsadvising.blogspot.com/search/label/Internships.  We are often adding announcements about one-time internships or new opportunities to the Political Science Advising Blog.  The internships listed below are ones that are offered cyclically or continuously, but there are a lot more internships than just these. 

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