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The Pollen & Seed Laboratory

Department of Biology
University of Washington, Seattle

Estella B. Leopold  ESTELLA B. LEOPOLD
   Professor emeritus, Biology Department
   University of Washington
   Seattle, WA, USA

   Office: Johnson Hall, Room 233
   Lab: Johnson Hall, Room 221
   Phone: (206) 685-1151
   E-mail:  eleopold@u.washington.edu

   B.A., University of Wisconsin, Botany, 1948
   M.S., University of California, Berkeley, 1950
   Ph.D., Yale University, Conn., Plant Sciences, 1956

Tertiary and Quaternary landscapes
Vegetation history and biogeography, western U.S.
Climatic change through the Cenozoic
Data-model comparison of past climatic change
Plant evolution in the Tertiary era
Wetland history near the Seattle Fault

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