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Research Topics

Cyperaceae Seed Pinaceae Pollen Rumex Seed Ericaceae Pollen Turgenia Seed
Neogene cooling in the North Pacific region
Miocene pollen stratigraphy of Usibelli Group and Cook Inlet area, Alaska
-With Linda Reinink-Smith

Marsh ecology in vicinity of Seattle Fault, Puget Sound
Ascertaining salinity of local environments using Holocene pollen and seed stratigraphy
-With Gengwu Liu and Dan Ekblaw

Plio-Pleistocene climatic transition and the lifting of the Cascade Range, Washington
-With George Mustoe, Western Washington University

Description of broad cool temperate mixed conifer and hardwood forests from the Bering Land Bridge to Oregon, Delaware to Beijing

Miocene pollen of Washington State
Pollen samples from the Wilkes Formation, WA

Torilis Seed Alnus Pollen Rumex Seed Acacia Pollen

Pollen photographs provided by Linda Reinink-Smith; seed photographs from Berggren's (1968) Atlas of Seeds, Swedish Natural Science Research Council