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Climate Change

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The conference is a joint project of the Program on Values in Society and the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs.

Jeff Kiehl’s participation is supported by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and the Program on Climate Change.

Gavin Schmidt’s participation is supported by the Tamaki Foundation.

Additional support is provided by the Program on the Environment, U.W. Earth Initiative, Department of Philosophy, the Dean’s Office of the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Political Science, and the Simpson Center for the Humanities.

May 3

May 4

SESSION A: Henry Art Gallery Auditorium

SESSION C: Walker Ames Room (Kane 225)


Update on the Science

Dennis Hartmann, “IPCC 2007 and Beyond”

Chair: John Michael Wallace


Obstacles to Action:

Chrisoula Andreou, “Environmental Preservation and Second-Order Procrastination”

Commentator: Nives Dolŝak

Chair: Alison Cullen



Ethics and the Role of Climate Scientists

Gavin Schmidt, “The Ethics of Communicating Science”

Stephen Schneider, “Is the Scientist (Advocate or Popularizer) An Oxymoron?”

Panelist: Kristen Intemann

Chair: Cecilia Bitz


Ethics, Economics, and Climate Policy:

Clark Wolf, “Climate as an Exhaustible Resource”

Commentator: Adam Moore

Chair: Andrew Light



Speakers’ meeting with students from PHIL/ENVIR 416

SESSION B: Henry Art Gallery Auditorium

SESSION D: Walker Ames Room (Kane 225)


Ethics and Climate Modeling:

Jeff Kiehl, “Ethics and Climate Modeling”

Commentators: Wendy Parker and Eric Steig

Chair: Alison Wylie


Ethics and Climate Policy:

Paul Baer, “Greenhouse Development Rights”

Commentator: Karen Litfin

Chair: Craig ZumBrunnen


Ethics and Geoengineering:

Stephen Gardiner, “Is Geoengineering the ‘Lesser Evil’?”

Commentator: Michael Gillespie

Chair: Richard Gammon


Global Justice and Climate Change:

Simon Caney, “Climate Change and Human Rights”

Commentator: Michael Blake

Chair: Jean Roberts

Keynote Addresses: Kane 210

(Overflow room: Kane 220)



Dale Jamieson, “What’s Wrong with Climate Change”

Henry Shue, “Harming the Grandchildren”

Chair: Stephen Gardiner