Volunteer Opportunity with the Washington State Chapter of TeleHealth Access for Seniors

 TeleHealth Access for Seniors – an entirely student-run non-profit organization that collects and donates used video-enabled devices to community health clinics and VA hospitals for patients in need. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many medical practices have switched to a telehealth model where doctors connect with patients via video conferencing to avoid the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Unfortunately, millions of older Americans live in poverty and cannot afford the video-enabled devices necessary to attend their appointments. 85% of senior citizens have at least one chronic condition, meaning having reliable and safe access to healthcare is essential to managing their health, especially during the pandemic. Recognizing this need, our organization provides elderly and low-income patients with smart devices, educational resources, and virtual technical support so they can connect with their healthcare providers and loved ones.

Our WA team is actively looking for new volunteers in hopes to expand our impact on more patients. I’d greatly appreciate it if you can help me pass this information along to your many student networks!

Interested in making a difference for local seniors, veterans, and low-income individuals during the pandemic?

Volunteer for the Washington State Chapter of TeleHealth Access for Seniors, a student-run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that collects used video-enabled devices to donate to community health clinics and VA hospitals for patients in need! Since founded in March 2020, the organization has donated over 2,100 devices and raised $100,000 for 92 clinics and hospitals in 26 states.

Volunteer responsibilities include collecting used devices from community members, raising funds, writing grants, contacting local corporations, banks, and media outlets. The commitment is 3-4 hours a week. Watch a KING 5 interview with the WA team here!

Check out their site at https://www.telehealthforseniors.org/.

If you’re interested in joining, email their National Recruitment Coordinator, Abe, at abe.baker-butler@telehealthforseniors.org.

Any questions can be directed to their WA State Lead, Nhu, at nnguyenh@uw.edu.

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