UW Leaders Application Deadline

We are e-mailing to encourage you to check out the UW Leaders program. UW Leaders is an ASUW program that offers leadership-building opportunities for freshmen, sophomores, and transfer juniors, but it is also so much more than that. Over the course of a year, those involved in this program become an extremely tight-knit community, and the memories created in UW Leaders last long beyond the time the program wraps up for the year. UW Leaders promotes leadership in all areas of campus, through a diverse range of students, majors and interests.

Applications will be due on October 28th at 5:00pm and notifications for interviews will be sent out on Friday, November 4th via e-mail.

The application to be a leader in the program can be found https://catalyst.uw.edu/collectit/dropbox/summary/asuwlead/17137 by clicking here.

If you should have any questions or concerns about the application, program, or want to hear about other ways to get involved in ASUW do not hesitate to contact UW Leaders.

To contact us, you can reply to this e-mail, e-mail the director, Kate Callison or stop by our office in http://washington.edu/maps/?CDH Condon Hall room 511-A.

To get the most updates on the program, applications, and other important information please visit our http://uwleaders.asuw.org/ website, like us on https://www.facebook.com/uwleaders Facebook, or follow us on http://twitter.com/#!/uwleaders> Twitter .

Or for the most detailed information on the program, please take a look at our http://asuwleaders.tumblr.com/ blog.

We look forward to reading your application!

-Brandon Himes

UW Leaders Assistant Director


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