Neighborhood Nutrition

Please see the attached for our winter course, NUTR 303:

NUTR 303 Neighborhood Nutrition (3) NW Drewnowski Examines the food environment in the local community from the public health perspective. Explores where people get there food, what influences this decision and various aspects of the local food movement including access to healthy food, urban agriculture, farmers markets, and farm-to-school programs. Prerequisite: NUTR 300. Offered: W.

SLN: 16724 T/Th 9-10:20

* Carey Purnell * Graduate Program Assistant * Nutritional Sciences Program * University of Washington * 305 Raitt Hall, Box 353410 * Seattle, WA 98195 * (206) 543-1730 * (206) 685-1696 (fax

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