Register NOW! 9th Annual Western Regional International Health Conference April 27-29, 2012 University of Washington, Seattle

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Registration now open for this exciting global health conference in Seattle!

9th Annual Western Regional International Health Conference (WRIHC) at University of Washington, Seattle campus April 27-29, 2012.

“At A Crossroads: Choosing Hidden Paths in Global Health”

This exciting student-led conference aims to discuss topics in global health that often fall under the radar. The WRIHC will be a venue to bring undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, faculty, and community members together for a great keynote address by Kavita Ramdas, 3 plenaries, 18 panel sessions, film showings, poster presentations, community organization tabling, and networking. As in past years, we are expecting a large turnout. Register early to secure your spot! We expect to have representation from universities around the Pacific Northwest, West Coast United States and Canada, and beyond. We encourage students, faculty, and professionals from all disiciplines to attend, as this is an interdiciplinary conference, seeking input from a wide variety of participant perspectives. For more details about the conference, visit our website or email Colleen Fulp, Graduate Student WRIHC Coordinator at

As this is a student-led conference, we have worked to make it very affordable!! These are our early registration rates, which will increase as the conference date grows nearer.

Early bird rates until March 15!

Student/Medical Resident Price: $50

Non-Student/Community Member Price: $100

TO REGISTER follow this link-

Confirmed Speakers Thus Far:

Keynote Address by Kavita Ramdas- Stanford University, Executive Director of Ripples to Waves: Program on Social Entrepreneurship and Development at Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL)

Plenary Speakers

* Benita Beamon-University of Washington, Associate Professor, Industrial Science and Systems Engineering; Adjunct Associate Professor, Global Health * Paul Bolton- Johns Hopkins University, Associate Scientist, Applied Mental Health Research Group; Center for Refugee and Disaster Response; Department of International Health * Susan Bolton- University of Washington, Professor, Forest Resources; Adjunct Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Adjunct Professor, Global Health * Timothy Brewer- McGill University, Director, Global Health Programs * Lori Hunter- University of Colorado at Boulder, Assistant Professor, Sociology; Faculty Research Associate, Environment and Society Program * Guy Palmer- Washington State University, Director, School for Global Animal Health * Deepa Rao- University of Washington, Research Assistant Professor Department of Global Health * Joanne Silberner-University of Washington, Artist in Residence, Department of Communication * Jaime Sepulveda- University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Executive Director, Global Health Sciences * Judith Wasserheit- University of Washington, Vice Chair, Department of Global Health

Register Today!! We look forward to seeing you in Seattle April 27-29, 2012!

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More about the Conference Theme:

At a Crossroads: Choosing Hidden Paths in Global Health

As we experience an era of global financial crisis, funding and implementation of global health programs are being questioned by individuals and institutions. What will our priorities be, and what factors will shape those priorities? This conference seeks to engage the global health community in prioritizing global health programs, not based on the current funding trends of institutions, rather on the health needs of people around the world, particularly those whose voices are seldom heard. This year’s conference will center around three key points of focus in order to catalyze health care professionals and community members to challenge existing paradigms in global health.

Politics of the Global Health Agenda:

Whether through funding, media attention or professional training, certain health issues are deemphasized or ignored all together. What factors constitute what is hot and what is not in global health? How are our larger health systems responding to cuts in government funding, debates on health-coverage, and heightened defense spending in numerous countries?

Training of Health Care Professionals:

What innovative training/education models are being implemented in the field that is relevant to the needs of communities? What are current gaps in training/education, and how can these gaps be discussed and remedied?

Realities in the Field:

Which populations are we not responding to and why? How can these populations be better served considering a) constraints of normative paradigms b) limited resources c) building on work already being done in local communities?

The conference will frame these three key themes within six tracks:

* Global Mental Health * Marginalized Populations * Organizing & Funding of Global Health * Clinical Issues in Global Health * Communications and Technology in Global Health * Environment & Global Health

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