Career Panel in Environmental Health This Wednesday

This discussion is for those who might have an interest in environmental or public health as well as those who are curious about how to apply their science and problem solving skills to real world problems.

The Student Environmental Health Association hosts An Environmental Health Career Panel

Speakers from three different practice areas: Geoffrey Crofoot, Environmental Health Division of the Snohomish Health District Martin Rose, President and Principal Consultant of Rose Environmental Wayne Turnberg, Office of Communicable Disease Epidemiology of the Washington State Department of Health

Wednesday, February 29th at 4:30 PM Health Sciences T663 Refreshments provided

Environmental Health is the study of human health in the environment. The field concerns itself with maintaining a safe supply of food and drinking water; discovering the mechanisms of environmentally related diseases; treating and disposing of solid and toxic wastes; reducing air, water, food, and noise pollution; and controlling workplace hazards.

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