Open Bioethics & Humanities Courses

481 Pursuit of Health in American Society (3) I&S (SLN 10978) Examination of the development of concern for personal health over the past two centuries, and of the evolution of philosophies and practices of health promotion. Emphasis on the influence of both medicine and popular culture on shaping of attitudes toward diet, exercise, dress, sex, and other health behavior. Berryman T Th 8:30 – 9:50 am T 739

483 The Rise and Development of Sports Medicine (3) I&S (SLN 10979) Evolution of medical thought related to exercise for good health, training for sport participation, and treatment of sport-related injuries. Development of specialization in sports medicine, sport team physicians, preventive medicine, concepts of fitness and wellness as related to exercise prescription, and exercise science. Berryman T Th 11:30 am – 12:50 pm T 625

497 Special Topics: History of Eugenics (5) (SLN 10980) We will examine the development and authority of eugenics science in particular national, cultural, and political contexts; eugenics legislation, policies, and medical practices such as sterilization; public dissemination, support, and opposition to eugenics ideas; connections to other health and reform movements; and impacts on communities and concepts of rights. Given the heterogeneous nature of the eugenics movement, what do different populations think are its legacies for public policy, scientific research, health care, and human rights? How is eugenics remembered and forgotten? Woiak T Th 3:00 – 4:50 pm BB 1440


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