Global Health Internship Webinar June 20th, Announcing New Argentina Program

CFHI Webinar June 20th, Last Minute August Spots Including NEW Program in Argentina ======================================================================

CFHI runs socially responsible Global Health Education Programs for students of all levels focused on healthcare, medicine, and related fields. Participants go on 1 to 4 month internship-style programs alongside local physicians in underserved communities.

. PROGRAM INFO WEBINAR JUNE 20th: You are invited to attend a live CFHI Program Info Webinar on June 20th at 12pm PST/3pm EST. Webinars take 30-45 minutes and participants call in and join online to interact and learn from CFHI staff and alumni. For more info and to register visit CFHI’s webinar info page:

. NEW CFHI PROGRAM: CFHI is proud to announce a new program in a new CFHI country! Primary Care and Social Medicine in Cordoba, Argentina: Since Argentina’s economic troubles in 2001 there has been a concerted effort to provide care to those without insurance through a safety-net of primary and secondary clinics and hospitals. Students are placed within the clinical and public health system for 4 weeks while living with homestay families. This program is in its pilot stages which means discounted rates for participants in exchange for program feedback.

. LAST MINUTE SPOTS: CFHI is STILL accepting applications for select August programs and beyond! CFHI programs run every month of the year. To enroll for August: Apply online: or Contact CFHI.

Questions? Email: Call: 415-957-9000

CFHI is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations

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