Volunteer with Disadvantaged High School Students

“Interested in volunteering once a quarter to help disadvantaged high school students get to college? I am a UW senior and I started a charity organization called Student Shadowing Day. I am looking for someone to take over my leadership role when I graduate this year. Your basic role will be to, once a quarter, recruit 8-15 UW students to pair up with the high school students. The students then follow their college buddy to class for a day and are free to ask all their questions they have about higher education. The purpose of this program is to inspire teens who might not know what college is like to pursue learning further than their high school diploma. The time committment is about 8-10 hours a quarter and this year you will be training with me so it will be even less. Please send your name, email, phone number, resume, and a short paragraph about why you would be a good fit for this position to: cms91@uw.edu. Interviews will be conducted following application submissions and the deadline for this application is October 20th, 2012.”

Thank you, Christine Scullywest

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