fellowship for current med school applicants


The Mabelle Arole Fellowship, awarded annually since 2002 through John Snow, Inc (JSI) Research and Training, invites applicants interested in community health and admitted to medical school for fall 2013 to apply. If awarded the Fellowship, s/he defers entrance to medical school for one year. Applications are due in mid-January 2013 and finalists are interviewed in mid-March in Washington, DC (at the candidate’s expense). The Fellow would depart the US in late July 2013 and returns in late spring of 2014. The Fellow, who receives $8,000 to cover all expenses, spends 10 months at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project at Jamkhed (in Maharashtra). Information is available on the AMSA website (www.amsa.org. – search for Arole) which has a link to the Jamkhed site and contains reports by previous Fellows. Questions can be directed to Dr. David Pyle at dpyle@JSI.com or 503-894-8546.

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