Columbia U One-Year Special Masters in Nutrition

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Dear Advisor,

Are your students interested in pursuing a health professions career?

Our one-year Columbia University MS in Nutrition prepares pre-medical, dental and public health students to integrate nutrition into their work as future health professionals. Please forward this email to students who seek a challenging gap year, or special masters program that will strengthen their basic science knowledge, provide them an opportunity to complete an MS thesis, and develop strong communication skills. This is a great opportunity to spend one year in New York City and take advantage of the many exciting cultural and political activities in the city. We welcome students to come and visit the program and to speak with current students and alumni. The links below can give you a fuller picture of our program.

Should you have any further questions about the MS program, feel free to contact our Admissions & Thesis Coordinator, Erin Paxson, at or (212)-305-3834. She would be happy to speak with you or any interested students.

Best, Sharon R. Akabas, PhD Director, MS Program Institute of Human Nutrition Columbia University

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How will a degree in nutrition enhance your career as a health professional?

Nutrition contributes to 6 of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States; completion of this degree will strengthen your training as a health professional.

IHN MS in Nutrition goals

The primary IHN MS in Nutrition goals are to train students to:

* Become competent in nutrition science and clinical and public health nutrition; * Understand the importance of nutrition in health and disease prevention; * Develop writing, critical thinking, and public-speaking skills.

A dedicated faculty, combined with extensive university resources, provides close career advisement, opportunities for mock interviews, and professional support for resume and personal statement writing.

The program includes an intensive thesis project TOh7WMbyU34s9xgt2hwiymEgMRx2Afo1EAgxtjB_qWy2IXoRdtWtgD9Cg5oCKhJibIa8kbceZ6gv XWG69nBhX0jTD7qe3nmuAs_sMP4w3aFrUIWmyokd> ; students select their mentor from more than 100 university researchers. Each year some students present their work at a national meeting or contribute to a peer-reviewed journal article.

Graduate career paths 0p9RiCd4GwaPl4W1q0vUNN0NfWW0yL-TwrQ64iVbJs-PXOJdp84c2ffN0wSoOCpH59DBJoIpQnYq 80oN8fYCvGssEwbGB_PnYWF0ZwC2hl178sPe1K_GUS5DNKlyJZI=> include further training at medical, dental, and public health schools and a variety of doctoral programs. Other graduates secure positions in basic science research, healthcare, communications, clinical research, medical education, and public health.

Accepting applications 5yahc5L2Oqw04BHqLuqQQnDsrBv29zWyrHSIZpVa2LgyqtkeRoQaafNbdAACh5dq7YlVMUP-NFvz Wg3G6h1faqieGnudo7c=> for Fall 2013

Deadline: June 30, 2013

Class may fill prior to June 30th, so earlier submission is desirable.

Letters of recommendation for other graduate programs

(e.g., medical or dental school) may be submitted.

Questions? Email: nu

Or Call: (212)-305-4808

MS Director Receives 2010 Presidential Teaching Award

Click here to view the press release in its entirety 33pZW0lhjYfSMxUZmftMWm5kX8_t8zZpPw3S2rw9MAg7aPHienUZESAbBkRZBq_sdQOtHp1RuwfO aY4-MypkP-nRz_p_eM2R5okHbO8nXUv4Oq_TNP8VlK1tsCT-h8-8xucA8tYvFnBLj8x1zxksRnhg sx1y_RWqP6j_46N3d11PYosCmQ4PJuITX3Ue7XkjRz8Vo66X1doopD7kNm6X>

Spend an exciting year of learning in New York City!

NY City Skyline

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