Volunteer opportunity in Ecuador ideal for science/pre-health students

Hello fellow students, I want to tell you about an awesome volunteer organization called Help, Learn and Discover. What we do is take university students from universities in the US and Canada to Ecuador to volunteer for one month in the summer. This program offers 3 experiences: HELP, LEARN and DISCOVER. For the Help component, we fundraise money here and then take those funds to Ecuador to help families in need. Last year we fundraised over $72,000 US and were able to build 20 houses in a rural village called Pallatanga. With funds we had left over, we paid for 10 life-altering surgeries for kids.

We have 3 different programs and they all differ only in the Learn component. In the medical program we shadow doctors through 7 different wards: ER, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, ICU, sport

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