Spring English course topics

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Please help us spread the word! The English Department website features detailed quarterly descriptions for all sections of English courses offered at the 200 level or above. When students are choosing English courses for VLPA or “W” credit, this information can help them to select classes that relate to their own interests: English Quarterly Course Descriptions: http://depts.washington.edu/engl/ugrad/offering.php While there are, for example, a number of sections of ENGL 200, Reading Literature, these sections encompass a diverse array of themes. All English class themes are determined by the instructor, so while the UW General Catalog offers a broad, generic description, the descriptions on our website provide students with specific quarterly detail, often including texts and assignments. Here is just a sample of some of the themes that may be of interest to your students for spring quarter: ENGL 200-B: “Literary Maps” ENGL 200-D: “Power & Its Perversions” ENGL 200-E: “Experimental African American Literature” ENGL 200-F: “Contemporary Fairy Tales” ENGL 207-A: “American Intersections: The Cultural Production of Race/Gender/Sexuality in 20th c. U.S. Literature” ENGL 213-A: “Modernism, Postmodernism, and the City” ENGL 242-C: “Not Your Average High School Novel Class: Re-Reading American Literature” ENGL 242-D: “Transformative Bodies” ENGL 242-F: “‘Monstrosities’ in 19th & 20th c. American Literature” ENGL 244-A: “(Re)presentation and Unstageable Drama” ENGL 250-A: “The Struggle to Get By: Working Class American Literature” default iconUntitled attachment 00370.txt

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