Hello MAPS family! This is a reminder that officer applications are now open and that our general meeting today relates to elections!! Anyone applying for a position must prepare a 1 minute speech that they will give at our general meeting today (4/14/13). The speech should be simple: say who you are, what position(s) you are running for, and why. If you are unable to make the meeting, you must send a typed version of your speech to by 12:00PM today (4/14/13). The online application will be due on Friday, March 22nd at 11:00PM. MAPS GENERAL MEETING When: TODAY 5-6 PM Where: Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) “Black Room” (Room 306) What: Hearing from candidates for the MAPS 2013-2014 school year- who do you want to see in leadership next year!?!? Application through catalyst here: We are looking forward to seeing you today and reviewing your applications!!! Good luck to everyone! Any questions? Please e-mail!

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