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Hi everyone! As part of the Student Health Consortium’s Student Health Week (April 22nd-25th), we are hosting the first ever UW Campus Market on Wednesday, April 24th! If you could send this email to your respective listservs I would really appreciate it. The Student Health Consortium’s UW Campus Market will promote the importance of local, sustainable, and fresh foods available to students in the community, as well as celebrate delicious food. The market will provide nutritional information and address current health and food-related issues, as well as expose several local food sources available to the campus community. Make sure you stop by the HUB patio from 11:30am-2:30pm for a flavorful experience at the first ever UW Campus Market on Wednesday, April 24th! Bring your appetite, lunch money, and curiosity to learn more about nutrition and the local food movement happening right now in our community. Our very own UW Farm will provide the most local food possible–fresh produce from their farm at the CUH. Other RSO’s, such as Real Food Challenge and UW Student Food Cooperative will contribute to the recognition and promotion of local, fresh foods, with information for you to get involved in the food movement. There will also be three Seattle food trucks stationed at the market site, including Buns Gourmet Natural Burgers, Box Natural Sushi, and Za’tar Seattle. All three food trucks locally source their ingredients, and value grass-fed meat, whole foods, and more. In addition, the student music group, San Juan, will be performing from 12:30pm-1:30pm at the market for all to enjoy while eating lunch and browsing the booths. Some of the other local vendors and organizations will include: Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance Talking Rain “Sparkling Ice” Hope Heart Institute Relay for Life See you all there on April 24th for an afternoon full of celebrating good food, it’s direction towards great health, and it’s impact on our community! Sincerely, Leah Todd ASUW Student Health Consortium Intern 2012-2013 University of Washington ltodd21@uw.edu



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