MEDIC 4/29

Hello Everyone, On Monday, April 29th in Health Sciences T wing room 359 from 5 to 6:30, MEDIC will hold its next meeting. Claire and Zach will be leading a discussion on a few cases related to resource allocation. When physicians are faced with a shortage of resources, what guidelines should they use to decide how to most effectively treat patients? If wealthy individuals wish to use healthcare resources for optional treatments, is it acceptable to crowd out those in need of more basic services if the high prices commanded for elective care help pay for others’ basic needs? Feel free to bring your own case if you have one of interest. If you want to read more before Monday’s meeting, the links below are a great place to start, Navigating the Health Sciences building can be tricky. Enter through the main T wing entrance, enter on the third floor, turn right, turn left at the first hallway on your left, and when that hallway tees, room 359 is just to your right. Bring your friends! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at and be sure to like us on facebook at for updates about MEDIC and bioethics in the media. Hope to see you Monday, Zach Simon, Ceri Weber, Michelle Drews, Vishu Anekonda and Claire Simon — MEDIC at UW University of Washington Student Organization Affiliated with Bioethics and Humanities

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