MEDIC 5/13, Guest Speaker

Hello Everyone, On Monday, May 13th from 5:00 to 6:30, MEDIC will be holding its next meeting in Health Sciences T-wing room 359. This week, we will be joined by Evette Ludman, who is a psychologist and senior research associate at the Group Health Research Institute. She will be leading a discussion on consent and privacy as it relates to genetic information. How should researchers proceed when they wish to use information gathered from participants in ways that they did not originally intend? Can we truly de-identify genetic information when the reason it is of such interest is because of the specific population it was gathered from? If you want to read more about these issues in preparation for Monday’s meeting, the two links below discuss many of the issues that we will be speaking about on Monday: If you have any interest in applying to be a MEDIC officer, please do so by Monday, May 13th! If you have any questions or want to meet with us to discuss what is expected of officers, feel free to email MEDIC (, or any of the officers individually. Also, just a reminder that this is the last week that MEDIC will be meeting during its regular Monday time; we are planning to hold an end-of-the-year BBQ next week, details to follow. Navigating the Health Sciences building can be tricky. Enter through the main T wing entrance, enter on the third floor, turn right, turn left at the first hallway on your left, and when that hallway tees, room 359 is just to your right. Bring your friends! Snacks will be provided! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at and be sure to like us on facebook at for updates about MEDIC and bioethics in the media. Hope to see you Monday, Zach Simon, Ceri Weber, Michelle Drews, Vishu Anekonda and Claire Simon

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