ASUW Mental Health Awareness Video

Begin forwarded message: From: ASUW Student Health Consortium Director < > To: Subject: [Uwhealthleaders] Fwd: ASUW Mental Health Awareness Video ———- Forwarded message ———- From: < > Date: Fri, May 10, 2013 at 11:02 AM Subject: ASUW Mental Health Awareness Video To: If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online: ASUW Mental Health Awareness Video The ASUW has partnered with the counseling center on campus and GPSS to produce a video with to generate awareness of mental health resources at the University of Washington, and to normalize, de-stigmatize and encourage the use of mental health resources on campus. We are collaborating with UW Administration, athletics and RSO’s around campus to bring light to this cause. We are looking for students who are interested in being part of this project to be filmed for quick segments about the following. Should you be interested please complete the following form and we will contact you to schedule a filming date. Thank you! – For questions please contact Brandon Himes at or Monica Ng at E-Mail address * Name * Year in school? * Are you part of an RSO? If so please list which one; * Would you be comfortable speaking about any of these answers on camera? * Mark only one oval. Yes No Other: What does mental health mean to you? Why are you interested in this project? Do you have anything you would like to share about your own mental health experiences? Have you engaged in any on or off campus resources for mental health? If yes, how have these resources impacted your life? How do you stay mentally healthy? Never submit passwords through Google Forms. Powered by This form was created inside of UW. Report Abuse – Terms of Service – Additional Terms — Monica Ng ASUW | Student Health Consortium Director 2012-2013 Office Hours Event Calendar _______________________________________________ Uwhealthleaders mailing list

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