DDS Kaplan Course Auction

KAPLAN Course Silent Auction Kaplan Prep Courses can range from $1500-$2100 depending on the exam you plan to take. But, with this special opportunity hosted by DDS and Kaplan, you can save hundreds of dollars when you register for a test prep course! You can win a Kaplan Test Prep Course at a fraction of the cost by bidding in the Silent Auction we have set up here: ***The Silent Auction is open NOW and will close on Friday, May 31st at 11:45PM! How the Silent Auction Works: – Place a bid for the Kaplan Prep Course. – You will not know how much others have already bid – use your best judgement and make a realistic bid! – The person who places the highest bid will receive the Kaplan Prep Course of their choice. (Note: In previous years, winners of the Kaplan Course Silent Auction have bid around $1000.) If you have any questions, please contact Michael at — Sincerely, Michael Yoo Senior | University of Washington

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