Harvard Medical School Summer internship (2014)

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Good afternoon and hello from Boston. Please find enclosed our advertisement for the 2014 summer biomedical and bioengineering internship program at Harvard Medical School for underrepresented undergraduates in the lab of Dr. George Church. We would appreciate it if you could forward it to any interested students in your programs at UW. Please let me know if you have any difficulties opening the attachment or if you have any questions. The link with the full description of the summer program and application is below. This is a paid internship with free housing provided. http://ccv.med.harvard.edu/diversity_summer_internships.htm Thank you for your assistance, Alex Hernandez-Siegel ******************************** Alexander B. Hernandez-Siegel Director of Academic and Diversity Programs for Genomics Training Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics New Research Building, Room 238H, George Church Lab 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur Boston, MA 02115 (617) 432-5742 E-mail: ahs@genetics.med.harvard.edu pdf icon 2014-Harvard-Medical-School-internship-ad.pdf

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