Spring quarter 1 and 2 credit university seminars

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University Seminars (GEN ST 297): University Seminars provide a setting for engaging discussion between a small group of students and their instructor. This quarter we have seminars highlighting Engineering and Science Major exploration, Sport Psychology, and the Technological Information Ecosystem. We are offering five seminars this quarter, class titles are listed below. * Exploring Science and Engineering Majors-1 credit * Sport Psychology-2 credits * Technologically Social Information: A Guide for the Perplexed -1 credit * International Student Success-2 credits * Sounds of Laughter: Musical Comedy in the United States-1 credit For a complete list of university seminars visit: http://fyp.washington.edu/unisem ———————————————————————————————————————— LeAnne Jones Wiles, MPA Associate Director, First Year Programs University of Washington 120 MGH; Box 352825 Seattle, WA 98195 P: 206.616.7260 F: 206.685.8299 ljwiles@uw.eduljwiles@uw.edu> default iconATT00003.c

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