FREE dental exam, X-rays / possibly FREE dental work…

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The entire UW School of Dentistry’s graduating class of 4th year students are recruiting patients for specific types of fillings & deep cleanings — if you qualify, all the dental work will be *free of charge*, and they’ll compensate you for spending a couple of hours with them ($100?). Even if you don’t qualify, you still get a free dental exam, free cleaning, and free x-rays (which you can take to another dentist for further work). This is not just for yourselves — invite all your friends & family members. Only stipulation is that if you do qualify & decide to participate, you *have* to show up to your scheduled appointment (over spring break) because you will be their patients for their board exam. And if you’re wondering: yes, they WILL do a good job with your teeth (their license depends on it!). If you’re interested, please email Scott Fung ( with your contact info (email and/or phone #) & I will forward them to the 4th year dental students & they will contact you to schedule the dental exam & cleaning ASAP. Please read below for more info: ============================================= FREE set of dental X-rays and an exam; and potentially FREE dental work (fillings, deep cleanings) PLUS cash WHO: You or your family/friends/ANYONE you know WHAT: for graduating UW dental students, taking their licensing exam in March; need patients with certain cavities or who may be in need of a “deep cleaning”. WHEN: flexible schedule for the exam and X-rays. If you end up being a patient, the licensing exam is held on March 27th-29th (during spring break). WHERE: Seattle, WA at the UW School of Dentistry ============================================= default iconATT00002.c

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