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Students for a National Health Program – event

Policy 101

Are you a pre-health student wondering how you can set yourself apart from a crowd of applicants? Are you wondering what’s going to happen once you’re off your parents’ insurance? Do you sympathize with the millions of uninsured or underinsured citizens in the US? There’s a reason the healthcare debate has come to the forefront in the upcoming presidential election, but you need to seek out the information to understand the issues!

The most common shortfall of pre-health students in their applications and interviews is a lack of understanding of the healthcare system. Regardless of whether it’s as a nurse, physician, administrator or public health official, it is imperative to understand the environment in order to better serve people.

You can slog through the 1,990 pages of the Affordable Care Act yourself, or you can sit back and enjoy some pizza while our officers sum it up (as well as the nation’s health care situation in general) in easy-to-understand language. Learn how you can become an officer for the upcoming year, and how you can get involved with the fight for an economically and ethically improved healthcare system!


Come to Savery Room 130 on May 19th at 7PM

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/snahpuw/

Email: snahp@uw.edu


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MEDIC meeting this Wednesday, May 18th


On Wednesday, May 18th from 5:00 to 6:30, MEDIC will be holding a meeting In Bagley 106 . We might move outside if the weather is nice.

Please note that this is a different location than usual.

Sayward will be leading a discussion on Healthcare in the prison system.  Please check out the following links to get a head start.




If you have any questions, feel free to email us at medicuw@uw.edu and be sure to like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/medicuw for updates about MEDIC and bioethics in the media.

Hope to see you there!

MEDIC Officers,

James Gillespie, Dan Ho, Eva Barth, Kyle White, Nina Longman, and Sayward Nelson


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Volunteers needed for Friday’s 19th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Dear UW Community,

Over 1,000 undergraduates will present their work in the 19th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium next Friday, May 20th from 11am – 6:00pm in Mary Gates Hall. Thank you if you have already signed up to volunteer! If you have not signed up yet and would like to volunteer, please do! We are still in need of help and especially in need of Oral Presentation Session Assistants.

Btw, we feed our volunteers on Symposium Day :)  Sign-up here:


We hope to see you next Friday, and appreciate your support of the URP and the Research Symposium!

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Pre-PA club: Suture Lab Wednesday, May 18th


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UNLV Pre-Dental Simulation Course June 3-4


The UNLV ADEA would like to invite any prospective students to their annual dental school simulation course which is coming up on June 3-4.

The two-day course takes interested students through the typical day in the life of a dental student.  The activities include mock admission interviews, informative lectures, hands on experience in the simulation lab with drilling, restorative work and castings.

The program will also provide a lunch session with current professors, students and other staff members to answer any questions.

Registration is already open . Please see the ADEA website at http://unlvadea.org/programs/simulation-course/  for more information and registration, and feel free to email jwilliamcollins@gmail.com with any questions.

2016 New SIM course Flyer

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UW School of Medicine presents: The Interview June 15, 2016

UWSOM 2016 Focus group #2Click here to register 


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NO Application drop-in advising on Monday, May 11

The UW pre-health team will not be holding application drop-in help on Monday, May 16, 2016.

Application assistance will resume on Monday, May 23, 2016 in Mary Gates Hall 258.          2-3:45 PMapplicationworkshops

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UW SoM webinar on the med school interview process

The UW School of Medicine will be presenting a second Focus Group Session that will focus on the interview process.

This session will be led by the Associate Dean of Admissions, Dr. Carol Teitz, who will discuss what to expect in a UWSOM interview and what the Admissions Committee is looking for.

You are welcome to join them in the UW Health Sciences Building (HSB) in T-435 on Wednesday, June 15th from 4-5pm PST, or you can attend via live webinar.

Videos of these sessions will also be posted afterwards on their website.

They ask that attendees register in advance so we know how many people to expect.

2016-focus group flyer-interview

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Pre-health work opportunity during gap year(s)

A UW alumna currently working at Meadowbrook Urgent Care in North Bend, WA is hoping to fill a medical assistant position at the clinic. The position can begin as a part-time job, but they need a full time (35-40 hrs/week) by the beginning of August.

This is a truly unique opportunity for a pre-nursing or pre-med student to have hands-on experience in a medical setting, while earning a bit of money. They are a small group of health care providers serving people on the Eastside/North Bend.

They will train the candidate in basic procedures like drawing blood, placing IVs, taking X-rays. The candidate will have the opportunity to work with an ER doctor, an internist, and an ARNP.

Interested students can call or e-mail their office manager, Janet Eppright, at 425-831-0777 or jeppright@meadowbrookurgentcare.com

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Incarcerating America: Impacts of Mass Incarceration on Individual & Community Health

SOC 401 Incarcerating America: Impacts of Mass Incarceration on Individual and Community Health 

Full-term 5cr, T/Th 1:30-3:50, SWS 230

SLN: 14513

The goal of this course is to examine the impact of incarceration on the health of prisoners and individuals post-release as well as their families, partners, children, and communities. This course will extend beyond traditional classroom-based learning by touring the healthcare facilities of a prison to talk with medical- and mental health personnel. We will also invite a number of guest speakers, including former prisoners who will discuss their experiences behind bars and their reintegration in society upon their release.

Students can contact Marie Neumann via email (neumannm@uw.edu) if they’d like more information.

Course Flyer Updated Version

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MEDIC meeting Wed. May 11

On Wednesday, May 11th from 5:00 to 6:30, MEDIC will be holding a meeting Outside in front of the Forestry Building (Bloedel Hall). This spot is a little northeast of the health sciences building.

Please note that this is a different location than usual. This is a temporary meeting spot while we work with Health Sciences on some room changes. But the weather should be lovely!

Eva will be leading a discussion on Social Media in Medicine.  Please check out the following links to get a head start on this topic.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at medicuw@uw.edu and be sure to like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/medicuw for updates about MEDIC and bioethics in the media.

Hope to see you there!

MEDIC Officers

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Summer 2016 Sociology classes

The Sociology Department is offering several fantastic entry-level special topics courses this summer, most with interdisciplinary appeal. All of our SOC 201s them still have room for new students.  They include:

SOC201A (SLN 13394): Sociology of Reproduction and Reproductive Rights

SOC201B (SLN 13395): Sociology of Big Data, Privacy, and Surveillance

SOC201C (SLN 13396):  The Self, Emotions, and Society

SOC201D (SLN 13397): Introduction to Medical Society

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Dive into Dentistry Event- July 9, 2016

Dive into Dentistry


Are you an undergrad interested in becoming a dentist or a full-fledged predental who can’t wait to get started? If so, UW’s Annual Dive into Dentistry Day is the opportunity for you! Here’s your chance to get some hands on, real life experience on what dentistry

and dental school is all about. With current UW dental students and faculty running the show, we’ll teach you how to prep a filling, wax a tooth, and even how to make diagnostic casts. By the time you’re done, you’ll practically be ready to work with your own patients! This is a great opportunity to learn about dental school, meet some fellow pre-dents, get all your questions answered, and build up those ever important resumés! Don’t miss out!


WHERE:  D1 Clinic, Health Sciences Building, University of Washington

Ticket sales are available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/uw-dive-into-dentistry-day-tickets-25272218887

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AMCAS workshop and Q&A session – Monday!

UW’s pre-health advisers will be hosting a workshop and Q&A session on the Medical School (MD) application service.

Monday, May 9  2-4 PM in Mary Gates Hall 258

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