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  Prematurity Prevention Program
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
University of Washington School of Medicine
(206) 598-6959        (206) 598-4694 fax
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Welcome to the home page for the Prematurity Prevention Program at the University of Washington Medical Center.   We offer an outstanding prenatal program for families expecting multiples or families at other risk for preterm birth. 

Our goals are to provide:

  • Early evaluation and treatment of women at risk for preterm birth or preterm labor
  • Client education about prematurity prevention and the special challenges of a pregnancy with multiples
  • Improved outcomes for mothers and babies
Our high level of prenatal care for these families includes:
  1. Frequent clinic visits. 
  1. Important education about the signs and symptoms of preterm labor both in a classroom format and informally during clinic visits. 
  1. Education, resources and classes for the families expecting multiples š twins or more.
  1. Evaluation of the cervix using trans-vaginal ultrasound. 
  1. Specialized screening for bacterial infection.
  1. Ready access to a program nurse for consultation and support.
The Prematurity Prevention Program, located within UWMC‰s Maternity and Infant Care Clinic, has been a community leader for high level obstetric care in the Puget Sound area for over ten years.  We have expanded over the years and now offer a highly skilled team of two perinatologists, one OB/Gyn physician, three registered nurses, a nutritionist and a social worker.   We also offer a number of specialty classes for families in the community, including our Preventing Preterm Birth Class, as well as our Expecting Multiples Childbirth Class series.

The Prematurity Prevention Program can provide complete prenatal care during pregnancy allowing a woman to give birth in our beautiful, recently remodeled Maternity and Infant Center.  Clients may also be referred for consultation where our care providers throroughly evaluate a woman‰s risk for preterm delivery, make recommendations for her health care provider, and return her to her care provider where she would deliver at her previously chosen hospital.  Clients can self-refer for prenatal care in the clinic or can be referred by their primary care physician.

Who should receive care in the Prematurity Prevention Program?

  • Women who are expecting twins or more
  • Women who have previously given birth preterm (prior to 37 weeks)
  • Women who have previously had a pregnancy loss in the second trimester, between 13 and 23 weeks
  • Women with an abnormality of their uterus such as a ‹septatedþ or ‹heart-shapedþ uterus 
  • Women with an abnormality of their cervix such as a diagnosis of ‹incompetent cervixþ, a history of surgery to their cervix, or a cervix that is found to be short when examined
  • Women who were exposed to the drug DES when their mother was pregnant with them
  • Women who are experiencing preterm labor in a current pregnancy

Why choose UWMC's Prematurity Prevention Program for your pregnancy care?

The Prematurity Prevention Program at UWMC serves only families that are at risk for preterm birth.  We have been providing this specialized care for over a decade, helping many clients deliver full-term, healthy infants.  For more information about our services click on the topic below:

Choosing UWMC's Prematurity Prevention Program:


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