Career Resources

There are a number of online resources that College of Education students can utilize to learn more about career development, job searches, and interviewing. The Career Center and Graduate School have resources available to students through their official websites. Below you will find some of the most relevant for College of Education students.

The Career Center

Preparing for the Market
Are you ready for the job market? What does you need to do to prepare for job hunt?

Finding Positions
Where are the best places to look for jobs? Who should you utilize as a contact or reference? What search sites are the most beneficial.

Curriculum Vitae
Utilize this handout to understand what a curriculum vitae is and the importance of developing one. Learn how to write your curriculum vitae.

Cover Letters
Learn the basics of writing a cover letter and the importance of why you should spend quality time with this document.

Letters of Recommendation
Learn who should write you letters of recommendation.

Research Statements
Understand why you should talk about your past/current research efforts and how to articulate future plans.

Teaching Statements
Learn what a teaching statement is and why you should tailor it to each job you apply for.

What are the best strategies to conquer an interview? Use this handout to help you prepare for your interview.

Job Talks
Learn more about job talk presentations. What are they? How do you prepare for them?

Teaching Demonstrations
Learn what a teaching demonstration is and how you can prepare for them.

As a recent graduate how do you negotiate a job offer and salary.

First Year as a Professor
Now that you have a job, learn what to expect as a first year professor.

Community College Job Search
Learn about the difference between working at a community college and a university. What are the advantages? Where do you start a community college job search?

Staff Positions
Are you interested in working in the college setting, but not in teaching. Learn more about the other opportunities outside of teaching at the university.

Dealing with Rejection
How do you continue the job search even if you didn’t get that dream job?

Graduate School

Preparing for your Career
Read about the steps that will go into preparing for your career.

Intentional Career Planning
Don’t waste your time in the career planning phase. What steps do you need to take to maximize your time.

A Dozen Sentences That Should Appear in Your (Academic) Job Application Letter
Do you want your application letter to be read? Make sure you read this memo.

Academic Job Offer and Salary Negotiations
Learn how to gain the confidence to negotiate your salary and job offer.