Doctoral Student Resources

The Graduate School

Mentor Memos are tips and advice from graduate students and faculty. They are intended to be used as opportunities to learn from others on the University of Washington Campus.

Presenting Your Research at Academic Conferences
This memo details how you should prepare for an academic conference and what you should do once you arrive at the conference. This article is beneficial for anyone who is preparing to attend a conference regardless if presenting.

Finding and Acting on Your Unique Strengths
This memo discuss how strengths play an important role in success and how to utilize ones strengths to maximize success.

Collaborating and Co-Authoring
This memo discusses co-authoring from where to find opportunities, benefits, negotiating workload, and credit.

Working the Room
If you are preparing for networking event, this is a great memo to read!

Building your Network: Finding your Mentors
What are the benefits of a mentor and where can you fine one?