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About the Professional Staff Organization

All professional staff are automatically members of PSO. Although the more than 6,800 Professional Staff at the University of Washington are all grouped in one classification of university personnel, our roles are as varied as the activities of the university. Among our ranks are:

  • advisers counseling students;
  • research scientists running labs and experiments;
  • fiscal and human resources personnel keeping the university in compliance with federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations; and
  • and facilities managers maintaining the university’s buildings.

Get Involved in the PSO

You can participate in the PSO in a variety of ways:

We have something for everyone. To talk with someone about how you can get involved, contact us at


PSO is supported by its members through voluntary contributions. The Board uses the contributions to hold two major meetings and occasional brown bag presentations, provide scholarships for professional development, publish a biannual newsletter, maintain the Web site, and conduct other business of the organization. Members can contribute through semi-monthly payroll deductions or make one-time contributions by personal check.

Any amount is appreciated. However, we suggest the following guidelines for your donation:

Suggested Donation
Annual Salary Per Pay Period Per Year
< $35,000 $2.50 $60.00
$35 - 44,999 $3.00 $72.00
$45 - 54,999 $3.50 $84.00
$55 - 64,999 $4.00 $96.00
> $65,000 $4.50 and up $108.00 and up

Payroll Dues Deduction Form

You may also contact the Treasurer to ask for a payroll deduction form: call 425-352-3629 or e-mail

If paying by check, please make checks payable to PSO and send to the PSO Treasurer:

Annette P. Anderson
Box 358522
Seattle, Washington 98195

Please include name, title, phone, box number, and e-mail address.

PSO Mailing List Changes

If you do not want to receive PSO mailings, you can unsubscribe from the prostaff mailing list by going to the UW listserv management page and following the directions. The unsubscribe section is at the bottom of the page.

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