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Access Program

Did you know that Washington residents sixty years or older may attend University of Washington courses as auditing students? Registration is on a space-available basis. You pay a $5 service fee whether you register for one or two courses and a quarterly technology fee of approximately $4 per credit. Because you are auditing the course(s), you do not receive credit and are not expected to do any classwork or take examinations. Access students are welcome in all our undergraduate courses, with the exception of our junior seminars (HIST 388), senior seminars (HIST 494 and 498), or graduate courses (500 level and above). Further information on the Access program, registration procedures and a registration form are available through the Office of the Registrar.

Access students have always been an extremely valuable part of our Department. Both professors and traditional students enjoy the contributions Accss students make in our courses, and we welcome you to participate in our courses whenever possible.

In addition, the History department also organizes an Access Student Reading Group, in which Access students meet with Department faculty to discuss a book. It is an opportunity for Access students to explore History outside a traditional classroom with their peers and Department faculty.

We also sponsor an annual reception for Access students each fall.

Are you on our mailing list? If you wish to receive occassional mailings and an invitation to our annual reception, sign up for our Access student mailing list.