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Graduate School Continuous Enrollment Policy

To maintain graduate status, a student must be enrolled on a full-time, part-time, or on-leave basis from the time of first enrollment in the Graduate School until completion of all requirements for the graduate degree. (Summer quarter On-Leave enrollment is automatic for all graduate students who were either registered or officially On-Leave during the prior Spring Quarter.) Graduate students must be registered for the quarter in which 1) they apply for the Master's degree, 2) take the Master's examination(s), 3) take the doctoral General or Final examinations, 4) file the thesis or dissertation, and 5) receive the degree. Students may either be registered or eligible to use the Graduate Degree Late Fee for filing the Request for Master’s Degree, submitting a thesis or dissertation, and receiving the degree. Registration is required to take the master’s final examination or doctoral general or final examinations.

Failure to maintain continuous enrollment constitutes evidence that the student has resigned from the Graduate School. Any student who fails to register for classes or On-Leave status after being admitted to the UW will need to reapply to the Graduate School if he/she wishes to be considered for readmission by his/her program.

To be eligible for On-Leave status, the student must have registered for, and completed, at least one quarter in the University of Washington Graduate School; international students must complete three consecutive quarters (see International Graduate Students section below). The student must also have been registered or officially On-Leave for the immediate past quarter (except Summer Quarter).

Any student who has registered for a quarter may NOT submit a Petition for On-Leave Status form directly to the Registration Office for that quarter unless he/she officially withdraws from all courses before the first day of the quarter. Students who have been registered for even one day of a quarter are deemed to have status for the quarter and will be eligible to register for classes or apply for On-Leave for the following quarter (Spring enables registration for Summer or Autumn); the student’s e-mail account will be active for the quarter, but library privileges will not be maintained once courses are dropped. (See Applying for Leave section below if On-Leave status is desired after the first day of the quarter and courses were not dropped before the quarter began.)

If a student who is in On-Leave status registers in any other status, i.e. Extension, Non-matriculated, Graduate Non-matriculated, etc., it will terminate their official On-Leave status for that quarter, even if they subsequently drop those courses.

Departmental On-Leave Policy
The Department of History normally grants on-leave status to graduate students in good standing who meet the Graduate School's eligibility requirements under the following circumstances:

Please note: Periods spent out of status are included as part of the maximum time periods allowed for completion of a graduate degree.

All other students who cannot or choose not to maintain regular registration will be expected to resign formally from the graduate school, or resign by letting their registration lapse, and to reapply when satisfactory progress can again be made toward a graduate degree.

Policy for International Students
International graduate students must be registered full time, (10 or more credits) for three consecutive quarters in order to be eligible for On-Leave status. It is the student's responsibility to know and be in compliance with F-1 student immigration requirements.

Recent changes in Immigration Law assess severe penalties to those who violate their immigration status. Penalties can bar a person's return to the U.S. for up to ten years. International graduate students must follow the On-Leave Status procedures stated below to ensure that F-1 student immigration status remains valid. When the Petition for On-Leave Status form has been approved by the graduate program, the student must take the On-Leave Graduate Student Card to the International Services Office
and consult with an international student advisor who will then document the On-leave status in the U.S. Immigration system.

Applying for Leave

To apply to go on-leave, students must submit to the Registration Office a petition for on-leave status (available from the History Graduate Office) no later than the fifth day of the quarter. The petition must be approved by the departmental Graduate Program Coordinator before it is submitted. The student must pay a nonrefundable fee (currently $35) for on-leave student status covering four successive academic quarters or any part thereof.

Only students who have been registered for, and completed, at least one quarter in the UW Graduate School and who were registered or on-leave for the immediate past quarter (except Summer) are eligible for on-leave status.

Please be advised that students are not eligible for on-leave status for any quarter in which they are registered on the first day of classes. Consequently, students who wish to go on-leave for a quarter for which they have already registered, must drop all classes before the first day of quarter.

Summer Quarter on-leave enrollment is automatic for all graduate students who were either registered or on-leave the prior Spring Quarter.

If a student failed to drop classes before the first day of the quarter, and the department GPC believes On-Leave status is needed for the quarter (i.e. it would work a hardship on the student to be without UW library privileges for the current quarter), the form will first have to be brought to the Graduate Student Services (GSS) office before being presented to the Registration Office. The Registration Office will not accept forms from students who have been registered for any portion of the quarter without the additional signatures of GSS staff. Remember, students who have been registered for any portion of a quarter are eligible to register for classes, or file for On-Leave status during the immediately subsequent quarter.

International students and Permanent Resident Aliens must inform the International Services Office of where they will be and when they plan to return for the purposes of I-20/Visa confirmation.

Students may find the Department's On-Leave Checklist helpful.

On-Leave Privileges

On-Leave status entitles students in good standing to use the University libraries and maintain access to their email accounts. They are NOT entitled to extensive faculty and staff counsel, examinations of any type (except for language competency), thesis/dissertation filing, University housing, student insurance, or any form of financial assistance. Students may use the Hall Health Primary Care Center on a pay-for-service basis and can pay to use the IMA.

Loan Deferment while On Leave

In Winter 2006, the University of Washington established a new procedure to allow on-leave graduate students who are engaged in full-time research to request a loan deferment for the quarter(s) that they are or will be officially on leave. This is a Graduate School policy and is subject to revision without prior notice. The current policy is as follows:

Graduate students who are engaged in full-time, off site dissertation work or equivalent off-campus activities (such as an archeological dig, internship, Peace Corps duty, practicum, etc.) that are either required or encouraged for their degree are eligible for this loan deferral procedure. Students must meet the following conditions and complete the following steps:

-- Student is not registered for requested quarter(s) of loan deferral
-- Student has attained On-Leave Status for requested quarter(s) of loan deferral
-- Student submits a completed Required Off-Site Educational (ROSE) Approval form to the Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) in his/her department. After verifying the information submitted by the student, and approving the request, the GPC submits this form to Graduate Student Services (GSS); if approved by GSS, the request will then be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar. The Registrar will change the student’s status in the national enrollment reporting system (NSLDS) for the quarters indicated, thus deferring loans that would normally come due for non-enrollment. There will be no additional fee for this service, beyond the normal fee to students to apply for On-Leave status. Students may apply for R.O.S.E. status for 1-4 quarters at a time for a lifetime maximum of 8 quarters. (Students pursuing the Peace Corps Master’s International are allowed a 9 quarter maximum to accommodate their 27 months of required service in the Corps and this may be filed for all at once, along with 9 quarters of On-Leave.) Graduate School approval ensures the student is eligible as described in paragraph one (above); is in On-Leave status and that the allowed, maximum period of loan deferral is not exceeded. It should also be noted that students choosing to take On-Leave status to work on their dissertations are not eligible for R.O.S.E. loan deferral; the work/research the student is pursuing while loans are being deferred must be required, or encouraged by their department for the degree, and must be work/research that can only be performed full-time at locations remote from the University of Washington campuses.

Coming Off Leave

To come off leave, you will register for the quarter immediately following the expiration of the on-leave period (or any quarter during the leave period). A student who is on-leave through spring quarter is eligible to register for either summer or autumn quarter. Failure to register or file an extension to the on-leave petition constitutes a violation of the Graduate School's Continuous Enrollment Policy. International students and Permanent Resident Aliens must also make arrangements to show proof of funding before returning to the University of Washington for the purposes of returning registration and I-20/Visa confirmation.


A student previously registered in the Graduate School who has failed to maintain graduate student status but wishes later to resume studies must file the on-line application for readmission to the Graduate School by the regularly published closing dates.

An application for readmission carries no preference and is treated in the same manner as an application for initial admission, including the requirement of payment of the application fee. If the student is readmitted by the department, registration will occur during the usual registration period. If the student has attended any other institution during the period not registered at the University of Washington, official transcripts in duplicate of the student's work must be submitted.

Time to Degree and Limits for On-Leave Status

The Graduate School normally allows six years to complete requirements for a master's degree and ten years for doctoral degree. Periods spent On-Leave or out of status are included in these limits. Before approving a Petition for On-Leave Status for a student whose leave period will take them in excess of these limits, the department must first file a Petition to the Dean of the Graduate School explaining why this action is being requested. This Petition to the Dean must be approved by the Graduate School before the Petition for On-Leave Status is filed.