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Doctor of Philosophy in History

The period of time between a student's admission, or promotion, to the doctoral program, and advancement to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree in the General Examination is one devoted largely to study in the student's four fields. In addition to preparing the student for the General Examination, this work has two purposes: (1) to broaden the student's historical knowledge in preparation for a teaching career, and (2) to deepen the student's historical knowledge within an area of specialty in preparation for researching and writing the Ph.D. dissertation. This course of study is carried out under the guidance of the student's Doctoral Supervisory Committee. The creation of the Supervisory Committee is the first task of the new Ph.D. student.

To assist the student in formulating this Committee, the History Graduate Office asks newly admitted Ph.D. students to submit at the end of their second quarter of study the Proposed Course of Study form in which students specify in rank order their proposed four doctoral fields and supervising faculty. This plan of study should be formulated by the students in consultation with their advisers and other appropriate faculty members. This form is a tentative proposal, not a request to establish the student's Doctoral Supervisory Committee.