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Non-Matriculating Students

Non-Matriculating Students

The History department permits non-matriculating students to register in our courses as space permits. During Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, students must obtain the signatures of the faculty member teaching the course and the Undergraduate Advising Office in order to obtain entry to a course. These signatures may be obtained on the third day of the quarter. Students are encouraged to attend the course on the first and second days of the quarter to express interest to the instructor. During the Summer quarter signatures are not required for admission to History courses.

The History department does not offer Graduate Non-Matriculating status. All non-matriculating students, regardless of previous degree status, must enroll through UW Extension as undergraduate non-matriculating students.

For further information on obtaining non-matriculating status, tuition and fees, and related concerns, contact the UW Office of Educational Outreach.

If you require information about gaining admission to our courses, contact the Undergraduate Advising Office or the History Graduate Office.