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General Design


PSWP pictures didn't seem to me to fit well in a 900px wide format. At that width, they usually need to be too high for most screens. By making them narrower, room is opened up on the left side for a site menu.

The menu could, instead run along the top of the mast head, and the photos could have extra room left and right.

Even so, is masthead graphic too tall? On 1024X768 screen, most of the content is below the bottom of the viewport.

visual effects

Shadows behind boxes--OK? too light? too few?

dynamic graphics?

Any interest in graphics that update themselves in real time? If so which to use. Or should they be at page load, every 10 minutes or so? Not sure this is worth the bandwidth

Site Menu


Do we need it in the menu? I'm not arguing against it, just not sure what it would show that's different from the institute dates, and such.

Was this something for alums? This could be a direct link to the collaborate server's calendar page if PSWP winds up using that feature.

Home Page

link questions

"Contact PSWP" link — does it make sense to make this persist in the footer for all pages?

shadow question

Home page masthead has no shadow on left edge. Compare to other pages and decide which is better.

Alumni Page


The first paragraph of the main content sounds geared toward the general public rather than alums.

list of alumni options / questions

Original publisher page lists these as separate bold questions. I've put them into their own box. Layout looks ok to me, but flow of ideas might be a little chopped up.

IF these are the lenses through which to read the page, then highlighting them this way might be ok. But in this form, they could as easily each become a link to another page, or section of this page. They compete a bit with the bottom sections.

Possibly the side-bar should be abandoned or replaced on alumni page?

3 sections at page bottom

Should these be widened to fill space horizontally? Or shifted to the right (as they now are) leaving a gap under sidebar area?

Features & Questions

Here are a few other ways this site can deliver information. It can be embedded in the text and called up if needed. This might allow for more streamlined text, particularly for 1) concepts or facts most people might be expected to know, or 2) more detailed information only a few people might be expected to need, or need only occasionally.

Expanded links — "explink" & "expand"

This is an example of a "gloss," or an expanded link (a term or concept that might require a few extra words of explanation). (Here's the markup.)

Pop-Up Windows — "poplink" & "popup"

More detailed information can be handled as a pop-up window. (Here's the markup.)

Replacement Links — "replink" & "replace"

The "Current Questions" in the sidebar menu don't load new pages. Instead, they replace this content with other information. (Here's the markup.)

This page might not be the best one for illustrating replacement links. Since the length of the various "Current Questions" varies, the page jumps vertically, sometimes. In other words, if you use replacement links, they'll probably work best for replacement text that's more similar in length.

Collaborate Server

And, lest I forget, Shane Frick's in Arts and Sciences kindly made space for PSWP on his SharePoint "collaborate" server. Use your UWNetID to log in, but be sure to put "netid\" before your account name:

[picture of logon screen]

If you're ready, you can log on here.