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Comments from PSWP Teacher Consultants

"The PSWP Summer Institute has totally changed the way I teach. I treat all students for what they are: authors. I teach through the eyes of a writer instead of a teacher of writing."

- Leah Tag, Ed.M., Vancouver WA : 2009 PSWP Endowment Fund Leadership Scholarship recipient

"PSWP has helped me focus my students a little more - writing about what they are learning. I think is definitely helping them retain the information. For my struggling math students, journaling has been a positive addition - they are grasping key concepts and vocabulary that they have missed in the years before. For me as a writer, I am trying to journal each day about what we did and what the students struggled with so I can build on their knowledge and help them make connections, plus I am keeping a journal with the students in each of the math classes."

- Tammi O'Brian, Entiat WA : 2009 PSWP Endowment Fund Leadership Scholarship recipient

"PSWP has helped me find the writer in me so that I may help my students discover their inner writers, too!"

- Martha Daman, Bellevue WA

"PSWP has breathed new life into my teaching. I am inspired and excited to share my experience with my students and colleagues this fall."

- Elizabeth Beck, Shoreline WA

"Giving up summer vacation days was difficult, but from weeks later I'm so glad I did. The PSWP re-energized me for the fall."

- Jimmy Cleary, Auburn WA

"I wrote more, and better, in the last month than in the last two years. This was the best professional development I've ever had."

- Peter Suruda, Shoreline WA