About the Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in Gowen 111. You may also contact us at
(206) 616-3354.

We typically open the second week of each academic quarter and are open through Wednesday of finals week.

To schedule an appointment, click here.

The Writing Center is affiliated with the departments of Political Science, Law, Societies, and Justice, and the Jackson School of International Studies.

Who We Are


Sean Kim Butorac is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science, Director of the Pol S / LSJ / JSIS Writing Center, and a Graduate Fellow with the Washington Institute for the Study of Inequality and Race (WISIR) at the University of Washington. His research interests lie at the intersection of Race and Ethnic Politics, African American Political Thought, American Political Development, and Public Law. Sean is available to visit classes at the request of instructors and to conduct workshops to help students prepare for particular writing assignments. You can contact him at writdir[at]uw[dot]edu to arrange a classroom visit or a graduate tutoring session.


Nicole Buckley is a third-year political science Honors student. Currently, she researches polarization, pseudo-conservatism, and behavioral politics under the direction of Prof. Christopher S. Parker. In her spare time, she enjoys sketching, reading poetry, and crafting caffeinated beverages.

Nick Demuro is a senior studying Political Science and International Studies. Academically, he is interested in international relations theory, Middle Eastern ethnic conflicts, and human rights regimes, and hopes to continue studying these topics at the graduate level. Outside of school Nick loves watching soccer, listening to outdated music, and going to pub trivia despite consistently coming in or near last place.

Kristi Lynch is a junior double majoring in International Studies and Political Science. She is interested in human rights, conflict resolution, diplomacy, and learning new languages. Kristi loves to read and hike, and hopes to do a lot of traveling after college.

Hannah Martens is a Junior pre-law student majoring in Law, Societies and Justice (LSJ) and Philosophy, and minoring in Bioethics, Ethics, and Disability Studies. Within LSJ she focuses on comparative law and policy, relational identity and the law, the relationship between law and culture—broadly, but also specifically in the context of health justice. Hannah spends most of her free time reading—both in the philosophic genre and widely outside of it—rock climbing, cooking, and power napping.

Betz Mayer is a third year undergraduate with the Jackson School of International Studies, specializing in Eastern European and Central Asian studies. She also studies Russian language through the Slavic languages department, and is an avid consumer of foreign and domestic news, politics, and policy.

Kashif Ravasia is a senior from Spokane studying English and Political Science. His research interests include epistemological sensibilities in Romantic poetry and political developments in the post-Soviet sphere, but as a prospective secondary teacher, he is also interested in studying how both L1 (native) and L2 (non-native) speakers learn academic English.

Kay Shaffer is a senior in the Political Science department completing her own research and a minor in labor studies. Her interests lie in political theory, particularly socialist thought and American Political Development, but she loves engaging with whatever you are passionate about! When Kay is not putting off writing her next essay—just kidding, but really, don't do it—she likes to watch Drunk History, draw poorly, and listen to cheesy 80's love ballads.

Yulenni Venegas is a double major in Political Science and LSJ, and is excited for another year at UW. Her academic passions include American Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics, Immigration, Criminal Justice, and Social Movements. When not submerged in academia, Yulenni can be found gushing about theatre, makeup, or Star Wars.