Undergraduate Appointment Information

How to Make an Appointment:

Students wishing to make an appointment may sign up using our online appointment scheduling tool: click here to see available appointments. This will reserve a 45 minute, one-on-one appointment with one of our tutors.

While we encourage students to make appointments, we also have tutors available for drop-in appointments daily from 1:15pm until close. Tutors are often able to accommodate drop-in visitors during the morning as well. In other words, even if you have not made an appointment in advance, there is a good chance that a tutor will be able to help you.

For Your Appointment:

Please bring a hard copy of the document you would like to discuss and the prompt. Our tutors would rather work with pen and paper than with laptops. If you don't have any words on paper, please bring the assignment and any notes you made when it was handed out.

Maximum Appointments Per Week:

Students are limited to two scheduled appointments per week for most of the quarter, but as we approach the end of the quarter, there is increased student demand for our services. In order to accommodate as many students as possible, beginning the Monday of the last week of instruction and continuing into Finals Week, students will only be able to sign up for one scheduled appointment each week. As with other weeks, students are welcome to drop-in.

Canceling Appointments:

To cancel an appointment, log onto the appointment scheduling page, and click the "See Your Appointments" link on the left. Enter your student UW Net Id (NOT your student number), then when the dialog box opens, click "cancel." 

Please note that canceling your appointment within 90 minutes of its scheduled start time will count as a missed appointment.

Missed Appointments and Late Cancelations:

Students who miss two appointments during the academic year without canceling their appointments in advance will not be able to sign up for additional appointments for the remainder of the academic year.

Appointments canceled less than 90 minutes BEFORE the appointment is scheduled to begin are recorded as a no-show/missed appointment.

Students who do not show up before the end of the scheduled appointment are counted as a missed appointment.

After a missed appointment, the student is contacted via email and informed of the Center's missed appointment policy. After 2 missed appointments, the scheduling system will not allow a student to sign up for additional appointments for the rest of the academic year. Students who have been blocked from appointments may still use the center but only on a drop-in basis.